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A Tanyth Fairport Adventure: Book 1

After twenty winters on the road, Tanyth makes one last pilgrimage in her quest to learn all she can about the herbs and medicinal plants of Korlay before settling down to write her magnum opus. Her journey is interrupted when she stops to help a small village and learns that much of what she knows of the world may not be quite as it seems.

In this work, Nathan Lowell blends wiccan tradition and shamanistic lore into a fantasy quest and creates a world for a new - if unlikely - heroine to explore. She learns that the familiar sometimes hides the fantastical and that, even when you think you’ve made your decisions, life doesn’t always agree.

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Best author I've listened to yet

(5 stars)

Nathan, your reading has ruined all other audio books for me! Your voice puts me into the world in your books and I can visualize everything. I've only got one more free book to listen to, then I plan on starting them all again.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ As always, a strong and fulfilling Story from ✅

(4.5 stars)

I really enjoyed this first Book of the Shaman Series, and really looks forward for the next installment. As always, Nathan Lowell brings characters to life with his quietly warm character-building where not necessarily in any feel good picture, You easily feel You knows enough without an overload of caristica in prelude. I can warmly recommend this part of the Lowell Universe.

(0 stars)

When I started listening to this book, I was tempted to stop listening because of its at first off-putting clichĂŠ setting, persistence proved to me that first impressions are not always those that stick. My patience was rewarded as the book 'warmed up' and I suspect that the pressure of ...

(0 stars)

Nathan Lowell gives me permission to enjoy "ordinary living" - doing what needs to be done, and finding pleasure in doing it with community members and familiar objects. Ravenwood is a good listen, as is South Coast, but I keep the entire Share series on my MP3 player for when ...

(0 stars)

Wonderful book, loved the story and the magic. I'm keen to listen to more Taneth adventures. Also enjoyed Nathan's voice, i have to say that i cannot listen to some of the books due to voices but Nathan's has an easy, pleasant sounding lull to it. Thanks Nathan

(0 stars)

Lovely story. I started listening at the same time I started knitting a sock ... I'm nearly to the heelturn now, and looking for more good listening! I see there is mention of another Tanith Fairport ... but it has been 3 years. Still going to happen?

(0 stars)

Ack. Apparently I haven't stopped in here for awhile. Sorry about that. Zypheria's Call will be out before the end of the summer. I'm just working up the final schedule now. Coming Soon! :)

Again, another great series begins !!!!

(5 stars)

Looks to be another Great Series is begun, but I believe there are no more available on LibriVox. I very much enjoy the books he has on offer via Podio books via LibriVox service. Thank you very much for writing, narration, and time dedicated ! Awesome choices in music for each book as well !!! I’m going badly blind, and cannot hold up the weight of even a paper back or Kindle, I am stuck between the world of fixed income and the necessities of life where that income must be allocated !