Handbook for the Criminally Insane

Read by Brian Holtz

(4.5 stars; 309 reviews)

Monica just moved to the small town of Redmondsburg.

Little did she know her house is haunted, an army of zombies is waiting to attack, a serial killer is on the loose and a demon Chihuahua plans to sacrifice her on Halloween.

With the help of a new friend (who isn't quite human) Monica is set to have the time of her life trying to avoid the time of her death.

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Christmas is creeping into Redmondsburg, spreading into dark places like a jolly rash. There will be redness, burning, and unpleasant odors... The eggnog hits the fan this holiday season with "Handbook For The Criminally Insane II: Handbook For The Festive Sociopath." Watch for it this December, if you dare. And ...

enjoyable despite the off title.

(5 stars)

Imagine Stranger Things but with modern day people, a town out of the 1940s, and nothing at all is what it seems. Goosebumps for adults. Excellent writing. OK/Good reading. i would have prefered a proper female to voice the females. the monotone of the reader takes some getting used to but the adjustment is quick. Well worth you time. I was hooked. I couldn't wait to get to the next chapter everytime.

Handbook for the criminally insane

(5 stars)

I love this book! The wonderful dry description of characters had me in tears at times. Not a single boring moment, I will be listening to this book again, it is too much fun not to! Thank you, Brian Holtz, for writing and reading, and thank you for letting me and others listen to your great imagination.

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hello again, brian. I just had to drop back by and tell you how great this podiobook novel was and how much I enjoyed it. The last two episodes/chapters most definitely did not disappoint. It was really awesome how you tied all of the different storylines together (well, most of ...

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Awesome work, highly recommended. Some very unexpected twists and turns. Great mix of humor, suspense, B-movie horror elements, and just down right spooky stuff with some ingenious twists. I am not easily intimidated, and normally not affected by scary movies or what not.... but I actually had to turn on ...

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I loved the writing, the twisting and intertwining plots. Holtz' voice work is excellent for the straight narration; for the dialogues, alas, the result is less satisfactory. I never could follow whose lines are these, did the narration switch from dialogue to straight prose, and such littleties. Different from Nephillim ...

Best book I've found on librivox

(5 stars)

Absolutely love this book! Really well read. I must have listened to it at least 15 times since I first found it. I love the characters and how the story develops. Would love it if there was a sequel!

Zombies and demons and ghosts; oh my!

(4 stars)

Pretty good! Scary, gross and funny in the right proportion. I do feel sorry for Tom though, even if he was a lawyer. Unlike Doris And The Ankh this is NOT for children; teenagers maybe.