WELCOME TO THE BEEHIVE: A beginners guide to conquering the world of business

Read by Robert J. Safuto

(4.7 stars; 177 reviews)

Every one of us is engaged in a quest in this life. The quest is why we get up early in the mornings or very late at night and leave the safety of our homes and families. We venture out into a world where the rules are different then the rules we grew up with. We find that the rules are different than the ones we were taught in school. We get into our cars. We hail taxi cabs. We walk in the rain. We take trains and buses. We navigate security lines at crowded airports. In short, we make the necessary sacrifices to insure that we can not only survive but thrive in this life. We do what needs to be done because we want more out of this life.

During this quest have you ever felt like you needed to step back and get a clear view of the situation? Have you ever felt overwhelmed, lost or unsatisfied with your progress?

Welcome to the beehive.

Let's face facts. Higher education only covers a small portion of what a person needs to know in order to excel in the world of business. The rest is up to you. The author, like most people, learned this fact the hard way. Through this book, the author shares with you the most basic (and most critical) lessons he's learned since entering the beehive.

Welcome to the Beehive addresses the core of the lessons the author has learned while achieving success in his life. These lessons represent a starting point on which to build your entire business philosophy. Each lesson includes practical examples from the author's life and the lives of people who've achieved success in business. Inspirational passages amplify the message delivered with each lesson. All the lessons contain exercises designed to stimulate personal thought and help reinforce the topics covered in the book. Welcome to the Beehive is a street level business book providing the reader with a back-to-basics approach. It gets to the point and provides the reader with a solid tool that they can refer to time and again for inspiration and empowerment while making their way in the world of business.

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Introduction: Welcome To The Beehive Read by Robert J. Safuto
Lesson One: Protect Yourself Read by Robert J. Safuto
Lesson Two: Be Tough Read by Robert J. Safuto
Lesson Three: Make Mistakes And Learn From Them Read by Robert J. Safuto
Lesson Four: Sell, Sell, Sell Read by Robert J. Safuto
Lesson Five: You Gotta Have Heart Read by Robert J. Safuto
Lesson Six: Leverage The Power Of A Team Read by Robert J. Safuto
Lesson Seven: Constantly Evaluate Read by Robert J. Safuto
Lesson Eight: Never Stop Learning Read by Robert J. Safuto
Lesson Nine: The Power Of Anticipation Read by Robert J. Safuto
Lesson Ten: Believe In Yourself Read by Robert J. Safuto
Afterword Read by Robert J. Safuto


Mostly very good!

(4 stars)

+ Some very useful advice about managing risks and getting places in business. + Great narrator. - However, I wished the author could have taken a more structured approach in describing his own experiences as he is constantly shifting between various episodes of his life.

Great book that really helps people who are beginnrs in the bu

(5 stars)

Great book that really helps people who are both juniors & seniors in the business world guiding them throughout the way.

love this title!

(5 stars)

This is an excellent source of information for people new to the business world AND an outstanding reinforcement for those who have been immersed for quite some time. As I listened, I thought that all areas of this book could also be applied to life in general. I highly recommend this book!

(0 stars)

Very intersting book with lots of good advices for everyone! Certainly many of the concepts in this book are not new, but the young and lively presentation of the narrator just catches your attention. I am looking forward to more books of this kind in podiobooks.com Finally let me express ...

(0 stars)

Thank you for your feedback. You're very right when you say that the concepts in the book are not new. But how many times do we forget about the basics when going about our lives on a daily basis? Too many! So I do my best to provide some common ...

(0 stars)

Robert, I have been meaning to say a personal thank you for two years now. I first started to listen to your podcasts in either 2004 or early 2005 (I can't quite remember). Anyway, although I have a history of technology startups, it was always as a collaboration where I ...

(0 stars)

Paul, Thank you for your kind words and for pointing out the email issue. All should be corrected now. Sometimes these techy things get in the way, but I'm glad to have podiobooks.com as an alternate avenue of communication for the book. Drop me a line anytime to discuss how ...

(0 stars)

Thanks for starting the book David. I hope you enjoy it. I really can't remember exactly where I heard it from the first time. It's something that I've heard commented on several times over the years when analyzing the performance of young QBs. It may have been Boomer Esiason though.