The Arwen, Season 1: Regal

Read by Timothy P. Callahan

(4.3 stars; 606 reviews)

When a comet the size of a small moon threatens the remote world of Regal the Earth Alliance assigns the most decorated ship in the fleet, the Arwen, to destroy it. Its Captain, Marjorie Cook, sees this as an opportunity to redeem herself after a tragic mistake in her past causes the death of over 400 of her crew. It seems like an easy mission but, when the Arwen arrives, it finds things are not what they seem.

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(0 stars)

I love the story and thought on the whole it was well written. The world building was clear and not over complicated and the characters were appealing. However I did have problems with the audio. The quality was quite good but the music was intrusive and distracting. It should have ...

(0 stars)

Hey Ryan, I got the music from Star Traxx, a site that lets you buy a large volume of music or sound effects of whatever you need for whatever your project it. I got a few of the cheaper ones on sale and got lucky to find a few tracks ...

(2 stars)

The reader ,drones on with emotionless,voice adding to tne boredom of the text. I agree with other critics with the comments that the music adds little to the presentation and is compkete and utterly distracting to the point of annoyance, sometimes too loud, other times just the wrong choice of theme. i wish I could have the sweet option to just switch it off completely.

Classic Space Sci-Fi

(4 stars)

The good: a classic space sci-fi with a strong female lead. Cool giant space ships. Space faring alien races in the fate of a planet at stake. The not so good: an author that reads too fast and slurs his speech. He has a particular hard time with "ing" he tends to abbreviate it to n'. As in instead of "going" he'll say "goin'". Also he mixes music into parts of the story for dramatic effect but the music is often mixed so loud that it's difficult to hear him reading. Still it's an enjoyable read. Especially if you like space sci-fi.

Simply loved it.

(5 stars)

Again, like Scrapper's Hope, well written & spoken well especially with your gaining expertise with synchronising the music with your readings. The crescendo of music during the time of space battle with the Plick was great & the unexpected turns in the storyline of what they thought they knew about an alien race were quite a surprise. Well done Mr Callahan. Btw my biggest surprise was to see a professor with my Christian name there! But it's ok, it didn't affect my appreciation of your great work on the Arwen.


(4 stars)

A really good story, read in a good fashion but to short. The lack of description or "painting with words" ,that is to me a sign of a good author, makes it feel like a brief manuscript for a television series. It lacks depth, very little explained about encountered races and places. It is the first book, hoping it gets better in next. I will comment there after listening. 4 stars for the story and reading, -1 star for lack of depth.

A journey begins

(3 stars)

I have to admit I was slightly dismayed to hear a male voice presenting the adventures of a Woman Captain. That being said Tim has spun an interesting tale, he doesn't get bogged down explaining technology, which is for the best, but does flesh out the workings adequately. I hope Tim continues to write, and look forward to hearing the rest of the Arwens story.


(3.5 stars)

Good story and worthy of listening too. However, the narrator leaves a lot to be desired. Because of the droning continuous tone and lack of expression it detracts from the excitement of the situations encountered within the story. Maybe I've been spoiled with the exuberance of Scott Sigler's expressive narration. Shame, had the narration been of that calibre I would have given five stars.