Read by Gillian Andrews

(4.6 stars; 371 reviews)

Six, Diva and Grace are back laughing together in the sun on Xiantha. Grace seems to have come to terms with the wounds from her fall, and Diva, still blissfully unaware of what a recipe for disaster it might be, is determined to take Six to Coriolis.

Then Ledin arrives for a visit, and the magnificent black canth linked to the orthogel entity is discovered to be desperately ill. But Arcan is well, so how can that be possible? And why are the other canths excited, instead of worried?

The answers can only be found on Pictoria, but once there, they find the visitor missing, pulled across the galaxy by the force of the Dessite minds. To rescue him will mean risking their own lives on the Dessite homeworld.

—But have the Dessites already learned enough to conquer Pictoria and the binary system?

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(5 stars)

Great Story and wonderful characters. There's a ton of pain and anguish, throughout the entire series. Plots that seem to have a life of their own. All life has struggles with ups and downs, but seeing these characters find a spark of hope in the pure darkness of despair, is true beauty. It was fun to listen and hear about the Anomite Galaxy! Hope there will be another book soon?

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Another fantastic book Gillian! I've really loved this series... Each book fleshing out the story more and more. I'm not really used to children as protagonists, so it was quite a refreshing change for me. I've also come to really enjoy your reading. I'm so glad you decided to podcast ...

(0 stars)

These books are great. I have listened to all 4 so far and am looking forward to book 5. I know these are aimed at young adult however I must say I am in an older age group and I find them equally entertaining. The reader has excellent annunciation and ...

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I've really enjoyed this series. Just to watch (or should I say listen) Diva, Grace, and Six grow from adolecence to adulthood has been very enjoyable. Even the great Arcan has grown as a sentient being. I look forward to the next book in the series. Thank you for sharing.

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Hi! I just wanted to let you know how much I've really bee enjoying this series. Six, Diva and Grace are great characters that feel like real people to me after listening to theiir lives so far. I love the world you created too and the fabulous plot.

(4.5 stars)

I have listened to the first four books of the series and not once have I been unsatisfied with the content or the author and her narration. I would have to say definitely the best series I have listened to yet!

a great. tail of love. happy times and sorry sob's

(5 stars)

thank you for the fun and joy your story's bring to life, and the hard work to write them, edit them, then read them completing the process for our enjoyment.

(0 stars)

Just started listening to the series. I'm in the middle of the second book and love it. I can't download episodes 2 and 10. Something wrong with the files, the download gets stuck halfway through. All other episodes downloaded fine.