Read by Eric Luke

(4.5 stars; 313 reviews)

SOMETHING wants in. To your head. Through this audiobook.

Ethan, a digital sound engineer in Los Angeles, becomes aware that his life is unraveling when the audiobook he's listening to reveals his deepest, darkest secrets, escalating until the narrator addresses him directly, threatening to destroy him from within. Vivian, a single mother running an antique store in San Francisco, listens to her audiobook to distract herself from missing her young daughter, but is shaken when the narrative is interrupted by her daughter's voice, faintly calling for help.

Ethan and Vivian are drawn together as they fight to solve a generation-spanning conspiracy that begins with a boy listening to the Orson Welles broadcast of War of the Worlds in 1938 and evolves through the latest innovations in digital technology, unearthing the mind-bending concept of a POSSIBILITY PARASITE bent on unleashing an explosion of APOCALYPTIC META HORROR.

From Eric Luke, screenwriter of EXPLORERS, and comic books GHOST and WONDER WOMAN: an experiment in audio horror.


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(5 stars)

Mindblowingly fascinating and undeniably GRIPPING RIGHT UP UNTIL THE VERY LAST WORD!!! Mr. Luke, you have rocked my world in unspeakable realization of perfect timing in my own quest for the search for any one of the nano zillions of possibilities which present themselves as mathematical correlations in this fascinating undeniable equation of existence which only enhances the possibility of limitless outcomes of our limitless and uncalcuable possibilities of the lives we lead and the outcomes of those existences due to each minute and/or hefty choice we make during the courses of each second of our existence on this very plane. Thank you sofa king much for the mind blowing inquisitive and unrelenting trip you have put into words! Your own story behind this awesome piece of work obviously must have really taken you for a ride... You inspire ME to keep on QUESTIONING EVERYTHING and believing in the vastness of possibilities unbeknownst to the"average mind" and those just "going through the motions of life


(4 stars)

This was a good story, the author read very well. It's always a privilege to hear the author tell their own story. Great job. Though there were parts of the story that lost me a character would seem to babble on and I would forget what was going on. It got my attention regardless especially since I read so hear so many audio books. Also scary part was my middle name is Maureen too lol freak me out at first lol

Slow, but steady

(4.5 stars)

The beginning with War of the Worlds from a kids view was creative. Then it slowed way down and I almost quit it, having to hear these other stories. Then it got interesting again and stayed that way and better. So yea, listen to it and stick with it, it is well worth the wait. It is one of my favorite audio books now. I also rediscovered war of the worlds in audio. Great job!

Thank you!

(5 stars)

Mr Luke, I just want to say thank you for a very engrossing story. It was nonstop action till the last seconds of this audiobook. Interference was chilling and very fun. The scary music fit the story quite well. I admit that I had my dou ts at first, but then it became amazing. One more thing. How did you find such an old version of The War of the Worlds? Thank you so much!

great and gruesome!

(5 stars)

I have read reviews of this book and people said it slowed down after the war of the world's at the beginning. I don't think it did. kept a good pace and the narration by Eric Luke was great! the gruesome bit is scattered throughout but especially near the end it gets even worse! great description of what would happen!


(5 stars)

Very Creepy extremely well written and read book with an Awesome concept made me very paranoid while listening at work as someone who works alone a lot and loved the war of the world's tie in as is one of my favorite otr broadcasts thanks to the writer for an enjoyable but creepy ride 5star's

An amazing story even a second time

(5 stars)

A few years has past since I first listened to this story, and again it has managed to hold me word for word. With a distinct Lovecraftian style the auther/narrator takes you on a thought provoking journey of emotion and suspense. This is a must listen!

(0 stars)

Hi Roscoe - Thanks for the great review! I left the supernatural origins out taking a cue from old H.P. Lovecraft himself: the more unknown the more terrifying (hopefully). The next audiobook is on the way, being planned/written as we speak. I've narrated some great horror short stories (not mine) ...