The Adventures of Alibi Jones: Six Short Stories

Read by Mike Luoma

(4.2 stars; 163 reviews)

Six science fiction audio short stories – a chronicle of Alibi Jones’ exploits across the expanse of the Solar Alliance and beyond!

Travel with Alibi from Earth to the asteroid belt – from the human colony of Cat’s Eye to the alien water world of Kee’Ere – from a lost, unnamed orb on the fringes of explored space to a planet that should not be called Paradise.

Alibi Jones is a mediator for the SAIF – Solar Alliance Interplanetary Force – but that doesn’t stop trouble from coming his way!

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Alibi Jones: Blind Eye Read by Mike Luoma
Alibi Jones: Father’s Day Read by Mike Luoma
Alibi Jones: Vacation Read by Mike Luoma
Alibi Jones: In Over His Head Read by Mike Luoma
Alibi Jones: About Time Read by Mike Luoma
Alibi Jones: The Wishing Stone Read by Mike Luoma
Alibi Jones: Six Short Stories - Thank You For Listening Read by Mike Luoma


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Travel to the 22nd century with ALIBI JONES - Welcome aboard - hope you'll enjoy these six new short stories featuring Alibi! Three of these are adapted from stories you'll find in the new comic book "The Adventures of Alibi Jones #1" from Earthbound Comics. The comic just got a ...

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Wish this had been just 5 story's instead of 6 since one of the more interesting tails is the first chapter of The Time War of The Devrizium and can throw you depending on which way you make it through these books. Anyway don't expect to much ... as the ...

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The comic book is also available as a pdf download: The story "Vacation" can be downloaded for free, too! You'll find the eBook all over the place - you can get it here:

Just not my style

(3 stars)

Not to offend follwers of Alibi, I Just couldn't get into the stories. Reader did a great job

Mike Louma: BC & ALIBI JONES

(5 stars)

Love these audio books. great writer and narrator. I hope there are more. I'll be looking.

(3.5 stars)

Can't wait for the next books!! Also I do appreciate the author reading his own and voicing the characters. Kiddos👍👍


(0.5 stars)

The stories are silly, and the reader’s love of doing the sound effects is particularly annoying.

(1 stars)

this awful radio play features terrible writing and juvenile acting. I stopped listening after a 5-10 minutes.