Taking Chances - Episode One: Ellen's Bet

Read by B. E. Thalia

(3.8 stars; 152 reviews)

"Ellen's Bet" is the first volume in a collection of erotic literary stories called "Taking Chances". They are stories about contemporary women, who for various reasons - sound or unsound, considered or impulsive - make a wager. The result of her wager, win or lose, will have a significant impact on the direction of her life and of her relationships.

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ellensbet01 Read by B. E. Thalia
EllensBet02 Read by B. E. Thalia
EllensBet03 Read by B. E. Thalia
EllensBet04 Read by B. E. Thalia
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Ok.... I listened for myself instead of letting the comments decide for me. This is pretty bad I found myself skipping ahead in the audio because of a few different reasons. First off your voice is wrong for the story, and it was very off putting. Second, there was no ...

(0.5 stars)

Is this a well written story, with well rounded characters you will learn to care for and unexpected plot twists? No. But it's it exciting, stimulating and erotic? Also no.

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I make it a point to give a chance to everything offered on Podiobooks.com. Sometimes it means that I listen only to the first few minutes of a reading, due to bad audio quality, bad reading or a dull story. At other times it means that I fall in love ...

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Thanks for your answer, Mr Thalia. As I said, I sample everything that appears on Podiobooks.com and I listen to over 40 hours of podcasts in a week. Had not the subject of your book been relatively short and of interest to me, I would have stopped listening after 30 ...

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Once again, this has nothing to do with your content. Your audio sucks and you need help to get it better. Podiobooks listeners might be masochist in their private life, but not when regarding podcasts. You won't have them listening to your story if the sound make them cringe in ...

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<i>"Do you think Nobilis is correct that there are no readers at podiobooks who want adult-themed stories that don’t fall into the garden variety erotic/porn genre formulas, but instead explore real characters and plot and literary and human themes like any other fiction?"</i> This is a gross mis-characterization of what ...

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"The book, in its current state, has no audience I can imagine." Herman Melville wants me (and you) to believe that some guy is going to spend the better part of his adult life sailing the world's oceans looking for a white whale to give it a little pay back. ...

(0 stars)

I'm sorry, but you make quite grandiose claims for the quality of the writing and the characterization, and then launch straight into a ludicrous wooden fabrication of a two dimensional woman, whom we are given no reason to engage with - nothing much to like, dislike or be interested in ...