This Paper World

Read by Jeff Lane

(4.6 stars; 354 reviews)

Jim Hunt is an average 18 year old college student... or he would like to be. He dreams of a door. An important secret about who or what he is lies behind that door; a secret he doesn't want to let out. During a trip home for Christmas break, he is confronted by his destiny, but will he follow the path that his old teacher Park would like him to? Or will he walk away to live a normal life?

Described as Stephen King meets X-men or Star Wars meets Jason Bourne, this supernatural thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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Episode 01 - Prologue Read by Jeff Lane
Episode 02 - Chapter 1 Read by Jeff Lane
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ok sort of book for youngsters

(3 stars)

a coming of age story, mercifully no sex witch would most certainly have been a cringe-fest. But inspite of violence it's not for an older audience - the themes are a bit puerile written.

Gripping! Loved it!

(5 stars)

I'm new to the audio book world and have just started listening about 6 months ago. I had started several audio books that I just couldn't find my way to finish. When I started This Paper World I found myself sitting in my truck after parking in my garage for another 30 minutes or more just wanting to continue listening. I enjoyed it very much!

Like a comic book by the NRA.

(3 stars)

Champions and spoilers have powers so why use so many guns? The last part; in the building would make a good level of Doom, Duke Nukem or some other FPS but not a very good book. Why are the spoilers villains for killing champions and helpers but champions are heroes for killing spoilers and their helpers? They're all too triggerhappy if you ask me.

plain boring title for a fairly ok action story.

(4 stars)

the title doesn't give the story much Justice. it is a fairly ok story enough to get you interested in listening to the sequel novel


(5 stars)

A great listen. my second Jeff lane book and it just gets better! WILL be listening to this burning world soon and hope their is more to follow. I don't know if cross between star wars and Stephen king does Jeff justice in his own right (there are a couple of jokes about that too!) definatly as good as Stephen king though and the soundtrack was brilliant. hope they are considered for the film as that amd the voice over just add to make it better. Which was bloody hard but seem to manage it. Well done AGAIN Jeff lane. will also be looking for that band!


(5 stars)

Really enjoyed this one, well done!! The only thing that disrupted the flow was the repetitive promotional messages etc at the end /beginning of each and every chapter. Other than that, best narration I've listened to in a while

(0 stars)

I tried really really hard to get through this book, but I quit right near chapter 17. I was consistently taken out of the story by the bad grammar, and the really sparse/inconsistent descriptive's like the author doesn't trust the reader/listener at some points, and then trusts too much ...

(0 stars)

<strong>Spoiler alert</strong> I enjoyed your story line and characters. This would make a great screen play if you decide to take it to screen make Reggie and Troy African American. I was disapointed in Troys death and angry at Jim (a story that evokes emotion is a good story.)I have ...