The HeavenField - Book Three

Read by Ian G. Hulme

(4.4 stars; 366 reviews)

Welcome to The HeavenField - a place of dreams and nightmares that waits upon the edge of reality.

Nations, clandestine Government Agencies and Supernatural horrors, all these fight for supremacy,
and the fate of the world hangs in the balance.

Welcome to The HeavenField. The Battle has Begun...

The third installment of The HeavenField Novel – a fast-paced science-fiction thriller set within a British experimental Scientific Researcher Facility.

Alex finds himself incarcerated by his former allies, unable to intervene as they slide inexorably towards a war for control of the HeavenField. He is lost in a personal struggle to resist the terrifying effects of his exposure to the Field, and a descent into madness.

Back at the Maunsworth Research Facility, Grace Palmer and Thomas Sullivan must try and save the Project as it comes under attack from both within their trusted team, and from the HeavenField itself.

After the attempts to destroy the HeavenField project have ended in disaster, the protaganists must regroup and prepare for the final battle to come...

“The others tell me that I waste my time on my visits to you Alexi,” said Henschel, from his seat at the table in Alex’s cell. Henschel’s eyes darted around the room once more. Alex had noticed the old man was exhibiting more and more signs of madness. “They say you are too great a risk, and that I should simply kill you,” He smiled, trying to gauge Alex’s reaction.
“And is that what you intend to do?” asked Alex morosely. The visits from Henschel were becoming ever more alarming, and Alex didn’t expect to survive much longer. Perhaps this would prove to be the moment.
“Oh, I can’t do that,” Henschel giggled, with a wild light in his eye. “You are much too powerful Alexi, don’t taunt me. But you are a risk. You must try to fight the enemy within yourself, to come back to us!”

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This story is so good that there are days I find myself reciting some of the words, like: “Let me help you, I can help you,� and then I feel the fear of some Heavenfield figure reaching for me with its hand of death.

Great series

(5 stars)

I loved this series & the only complaints I could raise are basically petty. Problems, the fact that he over uses the words "Muttered "& "Hysterical " constantly. All the characters voice speak every sentence with a stuttering, halting way that is annoying as hell. Most of people are terrible cowards & all of the military characters are hopelessly disobedient & totally untrained. Any military personnel will hate this because the characters have no discipline or bravery. They are all undisciplined cowards that can't think straight. All the characters spend their time being frozen with fear, crying, stuttering, not being able to talk or enunciate & curling into a fetal position or shooting wildly & pointlessly. If the characters just wouldn't stutter & speak in halting choked disjointed ways I would be able to get past the fact that the military behave in a way that they would NEVER do in real life but that obnoxious stuttering drove me insane by #5 still I love the plot & it's addictive as hell. love it

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Hi everyone, thanks for all your great comments about my story. Just to let you know what's happening with the Heavenfield: The complete audiobook (all FOUR parts) can be found for free on the Heavenfield website: The sequel novel, The Dead Man's Feast, is complete and available in Print ...

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This is one of the best stories I've heard or read in a very long time. The world is detailed and immersive and the narration is captivating. I've never been more excited for an upcoming release than I am for book four.

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This is a beautiful story! It took me awhile to figure what was goning on with the Field, but that is part of the fun. ;) I look forward to the next book.


(5 stars)

I can't wait to hear more!! I'm so sad I'm already on to the last book :( Love the story, and you so such a good job reading it too!

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Great story. I wish each book was longer so I would have more to listen to. Very well read and smartly written. I look forward to more heavenfield books.

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The series is great. The background audio is superb. Really adds to the story without being overwhelming. I'm looking forward to Book Four.