Fresh Kills

Read by Basil Sands

(4.5 stars; 31 reviews)

Fresh Kills is a podcast collection of original short stories by the authors of the popular literary blog The Kill Zone.

Reminiscent of the Twilight Zone, these killer tales vary from the paranormal to the chilling to the just plain scary. Each delivers a finely crafted tale that will keep you clicking through the pages.

Contributors to the podcast version include these award winning and best selling authors: John Gilstrap, Michelle Gagnon, James Scott Bell, Kathryn Lilley, John Ramsey Miller, Clare Langley-Hawthorne, Joe Moore and Basil Sands.

Originally posted as an ebook at Amazon and Smashwords, the podcast version includes 3 extra stories, not available in print including one by award winning podcast author and narrator Basil Sands.

So pop on the ear phones and buckle your seatbelt for a trip to the edge of's going to be a wild ride.

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Fresh Kills 01 Read by Basil Sands
Fresh Kills 02 Read by Basil Sands
Fresh Kills 03 Read by Basil Sands
Fresh Kills 04 Read by Basil Sands
Fresh Kills 05 Read by Basil Sands
Fresh Kills 06 Read by Basil Sands
Fresh Kills 07 Read by Basil Sands
Fresh Kills 08 Read by Basil Sands
Fresh Kills 09 Read by Basil Sands
Fresh Kills 10 Read by Basil Sands


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Same great production and narration that can be expected from Basil Sands. I was a bit disappointed to learn that this was a series of short stories and not a new story from Basil, but the stories turned out to be a good listen. They covered the gambit from straight ...

Do Not Miss This

(5 stars)

Pound for Pound the best I've heard so far. Excellent narrator over amazing material. This collection has it all!

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This collection is really great and there's lots of variety in stories. I hope they produce more.

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Very, very good story's and a great reader. Well done, more please.

Great stories + superb narration = that Thyow!!

(5 stars)

Highly recommended

(4 stars)

( echoing other reviews )


(5 stars)

absolutely loved these really want more