Read by John Mierau

(4.2 stars; 46 reviews)

Twenty years after the American civil war, former slave Marcus Riggs fights for his life in a British harbor, in a world where Invaders came to enslave all of humanity.

They came. They conquered... they died.

Now, new powers battle Empires and Nations in a world torn... Asunder. (Book 1 of the War Between Worlds series)

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(2 stars)

Good idea for a story. Well written and very good narration. However, the injection of 21st century viewpoints, norms, and biases on an early 19th century environment was distracting to the story and unnecessary. H.G. Wells, I don't think, would have approved of warping the theme of his classic.

Delighted in Borneo

(5 stars)

This is a cleverly crafted book which I was delighted to learn is the first in a series. The plot line and characters are just too good to be confined to a short story. I particularly appreciated the historical backdrop and location setting and quickly became engaged with the characters...especially the underfog heros. John Mierau is an author that I will continue to follow and he is an impressive narrator to boot.

(0 stars)

I was really surprised by how much I enjoyed this story. The idea behind it was interesting, but the characters were really what pulled me in to it. I loved the doctor. Looking forward to more!!! Thanks for sharing this!!!

(0 stars)

Brilliant story. However, a little more research on British seaports needed. Also, narrator can't pronounce "folkestone" properly, kinda ruins an otherwise performance.

(0 stars)

Brilliant stuff. Also check out his other release on Podiobooks - Enemy Lines if you haven't already.

(0 stars)

I loved this story! Definitly looking forward to the next book!