Outlaw - Series One

Read by Steve DeWinter

(3.8 stars; 9 reviews)

Steve DeWinter's latest thriller brings his own retelling of the ultimate American legend, that of the lone ranger. Recorded with a full cast, musical score and sound effects, this re-imagining of America's favorite hero proves that one man can fight against insurmountable odds to keep the Wild West from falling into the hands of a ruthless tyrant.

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Outlaw - Episode One Read by Steve DeWinter
Outlaw - Episode Two Read by Steve DeWinter
Outlaw - Episode Three Read by Steve DeWinter
Outlaw - Episode Four Read by Steve DeWinter
Outlaw - Episode Five Read by Steve DeWinter


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Hello Dani, Thanks for the promotion of Outlaw to your husband. I would love to hear what he thinks about it. I also have a super-charged thriller that I will be adding to this site soon and would love any ideas on what your husband (or even you) think on ...

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What an APSOLUTE LETDOWN!!! I started out really enjoying the book then I got to the last episode on the “COMPLETED” book that I was listening to and what a LIE. Maybe I will maybe I won’t hay why don’t you write the end of the story for me because ...

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What a GIGANTIC DISAPPOINTMENT! Off to a good start, fun script, good voice actors, lots of action...then POOF...nothing! The author just stops telling the tale, and everything is left hanging up in the air, with no apparent intention of completing it. I'll avoid this author from now on...

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WOW! That was a great audiodrama. I can not wait to hear the rest of the show. It really is great and reminds me of the old radio shows. Thank you again and I can not wait to hear what the ending will turn out to be.

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Hooray for more full-cast audiodramas! My husband is trying to get into audiobooks but he has trouble concentrate when there is only one voice. I'll have to let him know about this one.

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Steve just finished ep 5 (10-26-10) when will this story be finished I amin total suspense. thank you Bill Malovich

Let me know when there are more stories

(4.5 stars)