The Arwen, Season 4: The Water Planet

Read by Timothy P. Callahan

(4.3 stars; 449 reviews)

The Water planet is part one of a four part adventure that will stretch across the vastness of space and time. An exciting follow up to the Gyssyc trilogy, The Water Planet sets in motion events that will change the Arwen, her crew, Earth and the entire United Planets of the Corps forever.

After three years of searching Professor Ricter believes he’s found the planet that will help save Ulliam from plummeting into its sun. It comes in the form of an unknown planet over 2,000 light-years from Earth and made entirely of water. He elitists his friend, Captain Marjorie Cook, to accompany him and his team to investigate. When they arrive a strange force disables the Arwen leaving it in an unstable orbit above a planet with three times the gravity of Earth.

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Arwen:TWP 01 Read by Timothy P. Callahan
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Hi Tim. I listened to the first three 'Arwen' books about a year ago and fell in love with the story. When I noticed another 'Arwen' adventure starting here on Podiobooks I was eager to start listening to it. Now I've finished all the episodes, and am now anxiously awaiting ...

The saga continues

(3 stars)

Listening to the Arwens saga has been a pleasure thus far, honestly though this storyline seemed like a step backwards for the author. A few continuity errors coupled with the annoyance of closing each and every chapter with his Email address made listening a bit of a chore. Hopefully this transitional story will lead us into a more developed story in the following seasons.

(3.5 stars)

the storyline is great I love the series The only problem I'm having with it and I'm not an expert with you no I'm not. when we get 6 IV points and parts everybody's voice remaining the same this blog I mean I watch Star Trek and I'm looking forward to being better when you get some exciting Point everybody's voice still sound the same .

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Hi Tim; I have read your first three Arwin sagas. Outstanding work in my view! I just completed (in one reading) the first seven chapters of the Water Planet. Great story, and a slight change of venue. We all knew the crew would find something on or around the water ...

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Take seriously the announcement that this is part one of a four-part adventure. Where the previous instalments of the saga of the Arwen were self-contained, complete stories, this one is most definitely an overture and you need to listen to all four parts to achieve any sort of closure. I ...

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Hey Pirvonen, thanks for the thoughtful comment. The idea to break the story up into four parts wasn't' one I took lightly. Actually, it was only supposed to be three parts but I got about 40,000 words into The Final Days of Peace and realized I still had a lot ...

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I've been falling the saga of the Arwen and have really been enjoying the episodes. I finished up Water Planet in just a few days. It seemed too short and a little transitional. I definitely want to see what happens after they go through the wormhole.

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Sorry about that Kanein, it's my desk, it has a board lose and my knee hits it cause I'm normally very gittery when I record for some reason. I got the desk fixed so it shouldn't be as bad in the next chapters.