Acts of Desperation

Read by Tim Dodge

(4.3 stars; 49 reviews)

Ray Davis is newly divorced, going nowhere at a dead-end job in a warehouse, and has almost worked off the debts his ex-wife rang up. Then his underinsured brother's need for a liver transplant forces Ray to come up with a lot of money, fast. When he attempts to recover the profit he made with an old business partner, Ray discovers that the partner is dead and his investment has fallen into the hands of a drug dealer. The dealer has used the cash to buy a large supply of cocaine; he and his gun are not inclined to return the proceeds. Ray enlists a crude private eye to help him get it back, and he falls in love with Jenna, a beautiful waitress. His struggle to recover the money soon takes him deep into a swamp of crime, drugs, murder and revenge. Caught in a war between rival dealers, he comes to realize that the stakes have risen beyond the woman he loves or the money he needs to save his brother. He's fighting for his life.

ACTS OF DESPERATION is the new thriller from Tim Dodge. It combines crime, action, adventure, romance and humor into a roller coaster ride of a story.

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(0 stars) has taught me patience and fortitude when it comes to sifting through stories. It has also given me a good measure of appreciation on just how difficult it is not only to write something, but to make an audio production. I have consequently swapped my once harsh tones of ...

(0 stars)

Tim, previous comments considered, I am really enjoying your audiobook. I'm up to chapter 8 as I write this. I'm really looking forward to your next book! Cheers from Korea, Thomas

(0 stars)

Thomas, I'm thrilled to have a listener in Korea, and I'm glad you're enjoying the book. I'll have a new one on Podiobooks later this fall. Thanks for listening!

(0 stars)

I really enjoyed this story, just as I did Mr. Dodge's pervious one. It's a slightly different genre, but it's still great writing and great narratiotion. The only complaint I have is that sometimes the background music in the later episodes drowned out the reading. All in all a five ...

(0 stars)

Dariclone, Thank you so much for listening. I'm glad you enjoyed the story and the narration. I appreciate your comment about the background music. This is something I need to pay a little more attention to in the future. Thanks again, Tim

(0 stars)

Have enjoyed your book, and listening in bed in the dark brought out the fear and drama enveloping the lead characters. Kept me hocked until the end. I found the intro music too busy and spoilt the entrance of your voice. Please write more. I am a listener in Wales ...

(0 stars)

Betsy-Anne, Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I've learned a lot about recording since I did ACTS, particularly about balancing sound levels. I also have a better microphone now. Thank you again for reading! Tim

my first audio book listen

(5 stars)

Tim, this was my very first ever attempt at an audio book and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Great work :-)