All Kinds Of Things Kill

Read by Robert R. Best

(4.3 stars; 107 reviews)

Nine-story horror anthology by Robert R. Best.

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I really enjoyed these stories, and Robert's wife who reads them has a luxurious voice. My favorite stories are "Charity and the Vampire" and "The Family Tree" (which has the only "happy ending" of this series. This author's first book out of the gate has some good stories and their ...

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the narration was great,and the stories were different, but the dialogue was two diminsional and flat.All of the stories read like a rough draft waitong for to be re-written several times over.

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I've listened to a number of titles at podiobooks now and this was the most enjoyable yet. Brilliant stories brilliantly read, giving me all kinds of different reactions, i want more!

Simply the best

(5 stars)

I seriously love the reader and these stories. Fantastic stories for older kids who enjoyed Mr. Stine or Mr. Pike. Enjoy! Cheers!

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Great dark stories! I love the unexpected endings some stories had. Very well written and very well told. When can we listen to volume 2?!?

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Great set of stories! I really enjoyed them, the best of lot being Chapter 2. That one kicked me in the balls!

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Just listened to all the stories and they're a great little set, very dark but varied and intteresting

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The scribbling and paper noises ruined this. Not impressed with the narrator... stories are ok....