Space Casey

Read by Christiana Ellis

(4.3 stars; 84 reviews)

Some heroines will steal your heart. This one will steal your wallet. In the future, mankind has expanded to fill the solar system, but when a snarky con-woman steals the wrong spaceship, she finds herself stranded in a distant galaxy. She is humanity's first emissary to a galactic civilization, and all she wants to do is go home. Preferably, without being arrested.

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Most Enjoyable

(5 stars)

Let me say that this book audio was different in so many ways from the books I normally listen to, but it was refreshing to hear this book like a production a transformation in so much like watching a film. Like so many other comments, once you start to listen you had to stay with it till the end. So thank You All who were involved with this drama it was great. Please listen!!!

concept is good

(2.5 stars)

great story, good humor. The music too much too often, and the forever information at the beginning and end of each chapter. we are aware it's librivox, and who wrote it. and I don't get the necessity for swearing. as far as I'm concerned it ruins the entire story to have to listen to it.

(0 stars)

Great concepts, great story, great twists and turns. I love how you consistently challenge the roles that women usually play in adventure stories. Some how I can see Nina Kimberly leaving the venerable (or is that venereal?) James T. Kirk heart broken on a blue planet somewhere!!! â˜ş Awesome job, ...

(0 stars)

Hysterical! Absolutely hysterical! I just couldn't stop listening to this book once I got started and ended up finishing it the same day I picked it up. The work Christiana and all of the others put into this podcast is excellent and the writing is superb! I don;t mean to ...

(0 stars)

If I had one (and only one) complaint about this ended too soon. THis was, by far, one of the most entertaining stories I've yet heard. I'm usually a fan of far more serious stories, such as those spun by Scott Sigler or David Weber, but I can honestly ...

Space Casey Rocks!

(5 stars)

This podcast is hilarious and thought provoking. I felt like taking notes whenever Casey shed her views on life. Christiana Ellis & crew made a great show. Problem is, I couldn't stop listening and stayed up way past my bed time!

Space Opera with a twist

(5 stars)

Well not really the stainless steel rat, nor classic hero, nor down on your luck character; yet it strangely works! Has the following subplots: aware AI, PG-19 content, pets, body morphing, ancient aliens, & prime directive...

(0 stars)

I really enjoyed this book, although I have to agree that it seems rather short. Action and excitement (and humor) right up to the end, though. I hope there will be many more stories in the same continuity.