Where Evil Grows

Read by S. Lawrence Parrish

(4.3 stars; 420 reviews)

Where Evil Grows: Sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll... from Hell.

It's 1976. The rock group KISS is cool. Every teenager alive wishes they could be so cool. So what would you be willing to do to hang around with the cool kids? Pretty much anything....

Justin Foley has cool new friends; they smoke dope and everything. And now that Justin is just as cool as his friends, an evil and malignant entity as old as time and space also wants to be his friend. And more than that, while it gestates in the service tunnels beneath Justin's school, the thing wants Justin to be its mentor. It wants Justin to teach it all about life and what it takes to be a success in this world.

What better place to learn than in a school? And what better measure of success than in taking control of your own destiny? Of course, along the way you might also learn how to assume control of everybody else's destiny....

Where Evil Grows: When fantasy becomes reality... you'll suffer.

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(5 stars)

what a crazy story! i was thoroughly entertained from start to mind blowing crazy end... what an amazing last few chapters... great for those of us who like to be blown away by gore, humor, and descriptive raunchinous!(not sure that word exists but its the best way to describe it lol) Loved this book

excellent, for the most part

(4 stars)

the story was fantastic, very engaging. i would have given this an easy 5 stars, if it werent for one of the ending scenes. when you stoop down to the level of borderline porn, it kills all of the stories fluidity and intelligence. parrish is an excellent storyteller, and his writing is top notch, just cut back on the porn crap.

amazing but graphically sexual

(4 stars)

This book is great. Funny, extremely well fleshed out characters. Good plot, well written in every way. At first it just reads like a nostalgic teen coming of age story. The horror is a good slow burn. My only issue is this. The story is at times so graphically sexual it is basically erotica, which is fair enough, but the characters are all 14 or so. I think this book would have been a lot less awkward if the student characters had all been 3 or 4 years older. I kept forgetting that this was basically a story about a junior high and not an actual high school. That part was really weird. But still a great book.

such a letdown

(1 stars)

The book starts off strong. an engrossing beginning that will pull you in with great description and creativity. however, the 'evil' in the book occupies less then five percent of the read time. after a while, the description becomes too much. at times, the writer send to get lost in just describing things that there place and actual story about evil falls entirely by the wayside. the ending is horrible rushed and unsatisfying as though there was no real objective to the entire story. while some reviews do state that there are nature themes, there is way too much descriptive illiteration given to underage sex and drugs.

(2 stars)

This book can't figure out what it wants to be. As a 70s coming of age story, it's almost a passable ripoff of DAZED AND CONFUSED. As a horror story it's atrocious. Every character is a cliche with no development at all. The kids are supposed to be Kiss fans but the author keeps mispronouncing Ace Frehley's name. It is not FREELEY. The author's writing teacher is quoted as saying "Always use said, not exclaimed or any other term." Because of that, he conversations get repetitive really quick. That said, the saving grace of the book is the believable conversations. Exactly like the ones I had with my friends in 7th grade. The story is also just like what I wrote at that age.

one for the lads!

(4 stars)

I love story written by a woman goes something like this… She looked deep into his chestnut coloured eyes and knew that their Love would last forever. ....and then there is this Author’s take on the matter... She grabbed his throbbing member and yanked it like she was starting an industrial lawnmower! Definitely a story that blokes would be able to laugh at, but I think it would not appeal to the ladies. Overall it is an interesting story that is a bit different and the orator, who is also the author, always presents well. The guy has definitely got talent, even if his output doesn’t appeal to all. I will certainly be looking for his next book.

uhmmm to much!

(3 stars)

weird! I'm not necessarily saying this was a bad book because it wasn't. It just had so much going on between all the characters and the mouses and the side twist to the story was a little off the wall and too much! I was content with just the characters themselves, the infestation of mouses and how that all came about was just too much for the story. I'm glad they did give closure at the end of the book about all the characters but at the same time I was not assuming this was a Sci-Fi type book. It was a good read but not my type of story

too much child pornography

(1 stars)

As far as the story and writing, I would give this 5 stars. It was good, and for the most part I enjoyed it. Like a mid-70s Stranger Things. But there is a lot of explicit, graphic, x-rated scenes involving middle schoolers that is unnecessary to the plot, and puts me completely off the story. And that is very disappointing, because like I said, I'd otherwise give it 5 stars. I do not recommend this book, nor will I read/listen to the author's other works.