A Thin Ghost And Others

Read by David Wales

(4.2 stars; 71 reviews)

Five ghost stories, published in 1920, by the early twentieth century master of ghostery. - Summary by david wales (3 hr 8 min)


The Residence At Whitminster 1:01:35 Read by David Wales
The Diary Of Mr. Poynter 28:09 Read by David Wales
An Episode Of Cathedral History 43:03 Read by David Wales
The Story Of A Disappearance And An Appearance 34:02 Read by David Wales
Two Doctors 21:51 Read by David Wales


good short stories

(5 stars)

the reading is a little quick, but otherwise well done. stories more suspence than horror. i enjoed them.

Good stories

(5 stars)

I recommend playing these 20-25% faster, as this improved the delivery for me.

Not James's best, but still worth listening to.

(4 stars)

Lacks tone and natural flow

(2 stars)

Reader lacks intonation and flow. The speech pattern just feels artificial. After a while it sounds like a text to speech app. Had to turn off after about 10 mins. Sorry

Top notch

(5 stars)

The story and the reader meet and jump in one so well matched they are.

Good stories – between unreal and surreal – but a hard listen

(3 stars)

narrator is hard to follow, loses the natural flow

(2 stars)


(3 stars)

Stories didn’t seem to go anywhere