Read by Paul J. Joseph

(4.6 stars; 149 reviews)

Sally's life on Earth becomes boring when she turns to politics, but not for long. As UN space commissioner, Sally finds herself presiding over the aftermath of Earth's first colonial war. Baltan City, Earth's greatest achievement, tries to declare independence, which creates a violent and polarizing conflict. In the midst of this new cold war, an Earth ship from the future is entering the system and appears to be approaching Baltan. Sally and Ian must call a truce with the colonists long enough to investigate. The ill-fated mission launched 20 years after the day Sally Buds sets foot on Baltan involves the testing of an engine capable of creating its own fold. The results were disastrous. The crew of the Alliance ship Ultrablitz is still alive, technically, but they've been in transit for 1300 years in an attempt to stop their own mission. But, on further investigation, it becomes clear that there is yet more at stake and than one ship, and it falls upon Sally to decide the fate of thousands of people across the centuries.

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Episode 1 The Mission and the War Read by Paul J. Joseph
Episode 2 Tense Departure Read by Paul J. Joseph
Episode 3 Prisoner of Fanatics Read by Paul J. Joseph
Episode 4 Culture Clash Read by Paul J. Joseph
Episode 5 The Coming Mission Read by Paul J. Joseph
Episode 6 The Ship of Mystery Read by Paul J. Joseph
Episode 7 Trouble Ahead Read by Paul J. Joseph
Episode 8 The Mighty Engine Read by Paul J. Joseph
Episode 9 The Historic Achievement Read by Paul J. Joseph
Episode 10 The Nature of the Alien Read by Paul J. Joseph
Episode 11 The Other Side Read by Paul J. Joseph
Episode 12 Mercy's Mystery Read by Paul J. Joseph
Episode 13 Monkey Trial and the absurd Read by Paul J. Joseph
Episode 14 Journeys Through Time Read by Paul J. Joseph
Episode 15 Trouble at the Trainstation Read by Paul J. Joseph
Episode 16 Reversal of Fate Read by Paul J. Joseph
Episode 17 War is Hell Read by Paul J. Joseph
Episode 18 The Mysterious Stranger Read by Paul J. Joseph
Episode 19 Awakening Read by Paul J. Joseph
Episode 20 The Truth Sinks In Read by Paul J. Joseph
Episode 21 Escape Plans Read by Paul J. Joseph
Episode 22 The Waiting Game Read by Paul J. Joseph
Episode 23 The Aftermath Read by Paul J. Joseph
Episode 24 Earth Bound Read by Paul J. Joseph
Episode 25 Epiphany Read by Paul J. Joseph
Episode 26 Going Home Read by Paul J. Joseph
Episode 27 The Closing of the Circle Read by Paul J. Joseph
Episode 28 Read by Paul J. Joseph



(5 stars)

I am an avid reader/listener of Sci-fi stories and tales. I have a large tolerance for all styles, topics and era of books writing. Even with this fact I rarely read a story which makes me sit up and become fully absorbed as this book did! This book was epic and excellent! I thoroughly enjoyed it from beginning to end. The author/readers does a fantastic job telling this tale, bringing the characters to life with great emotion while at the same time giving insight into the characters mind set causing you the reader to often pause for thought provoking scenarios. I look forward to reading the authors other books with hope of similar or equal entertainment. Excellent job!!!


(5 stars)

This is the best story I've ever come across... I laughed, I cried, there were many sharp intakes of breath, twists & turns, so exciting, so emotional (I shall never be able to forget Eetoo, he touched my heart!) it was like an epic Hollywood movie in my head (if that makes sense!) In fact, it SHOULD BE A MOVIE...!!! Thank you Paul for bringing this wonderful story to life for me.. I truly hope your work will be recognised

(5 stars)

Each book has made me want to download the next and this one has to be the best so far. The theory that Paul J Joseph uses to describe time travel is a fresh approach and keeps the reader/listener hooked to find out how he resolves the paradoxes that he raises. I'm on the last episode and can't wait to see how he wraps it up.

Applauding in Borneo

(5 stars)

Thank you Paul for a really imaginative story that true to your writing has great depth in character development, relationships and adventure. This is a solid Sci-fi tale that I commend to others to explore; indeed one of the best that I have encountered. Although a Sci-fi narrative, the plot tackles political themes and how bitterness can corrupt perspective. As always, Paul explores relationship and how they are affected and influenced by stressful situation. He also has us contemplating the sheer hopelessness of one particular situation and how people respond to this. So thankful to you Paul for taking me on such a complex and thought provoking journey. Can't wait to get into the rest of your books in this series. I believe also that you have found your voice as a narrator; just a tad a slower has made a big difference.

universal ramifications

(5 stars)

What can I say that others haven’t.. I read a lot of SF over 50 years. Ok — Paul.keeps my attention without a lot of over hype - putting new twists along the way. The story is interesting, thoughtful, multifaceted, yet hangs together. A great sci-fi ‘what if?’ plot(s) that sucks you in by letting you see the end game(s) — maybe?! All the while you wonder how you will get closure? And you do. Lots of threads to pull if the author chooses—can’t wait to see what he does in the next three books. BRAVO ZULU as the Navy says!

Sheer perfection! A MUST read (listen)!

(5 stars)

I've listened to hundreds of books but this is the first time leaving a comment. You nailed it. the story was compelling, exciting, and touching on many levels. I just want you to know that you have produced a work that can stand proudly amongst the best of this genre. I'm blown away. You should be very proud.

one of the best scifi book series

(5 stars)

The author effectively brings the reader in to each scene. The extensive detail that is given to each character is amazing, I couldnt stop listening. thank you for taking the time to create this wonderful story it brought me in to a wonderful world to take me away from long commutes and extended work hours.

(5 stars)

WOW! Simply amazing! This is the 3rd book I've heard from Paul and they keep getting better. His science is sound and the way some of the relationships transcended... let's just say it opens your heart as well as your mind... was wonderful. I dare say the science in this book was on par with Asimov's. You will enjoy... I promise.