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(4.6 stars; 105 reviews)

The mission to New Ontario, is not going as planned. The first landing ends in disaster when the American astronaut, Scott Anderson, goes down alone and dissappears. Captain Sally Buds, Ian Merryfield, Vladamir Coronov must put aside their personal differences and attempt an umarmed rescue unsure of what awaits them below.

On the surface, they find only the remnants of a civilization. Buildings are rotting and the remains of human-like bodies are scattered around what may once have been streets. But the rescue trail leads them to a Nazi-style concentration camp populated with crowds of human cattle living in squalor. The camp has no walls or barbed wire, but no one is trying to escape. In fact, the workers are smiling. There among them is Scott Anderson. To rescue him, they must face an unspeakably cruel regime with no concept of mercy.

But this turns out to be only the beginning. The Masters have discovered vital information about Earth, its technology, and location. Will the same madness that consumed New Ontario ultimately engulf Earth? Sally and Ian must risk their lives to prevent it.

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great book

(5 stars)

I've probably listened to 45 books on my libravox app, and aside from the Scott Sigler, and John Lenaha books, I've not been very happy with the app. This series is very good. I noticed that some were complaint about the voice, but if you go listen to the Sherlock Holmes or H.G. Wells books, where the books are read by volunteers and not the authors, this guy did really well. I'm glad I have three more books to listen to. and will defiantly be looking for more books from this author.

(0 stars)

I'm really enjoying this story so far but by the 11th episode it seems like fully half of the spoken dialogue has A CRESCENDO IN IT AND ENDS WITH AN EXCLAMATION POINT! And after awhile IT GETS REALLY IRRITATING TO LISTEN TO! This is most notable where Ian is convincing ...

(0 stars)

Kelly, I am currently in the process of expanding the project. I am about to release Homesick on Kindle and will begin narrating Web of Life this Summer. You should see it soon. It has been a VERY busy year, but I've finally cleared up a few things that were ...

thinking realistically

(4.5 stars)

can't help noticing that Ian's big reveal to angela didn't take the reverse possibility into account. yes, the deaths are tragic, but of all people he should understand the horror of those camps. I wonder what would have happened if he had to watch his his family and friends worked to death, and out of their minds, knowing that all of earth was in the same situation. or does he think no person in any government would take that offer of the masters? what really let the nazis flourish, was that no one got their hands dirty, they just let it go and didn't do the unpleasant task of stopping it.

the title says it all

(5 stars)

The hook in this one sinks deep. How do friends rescue you from a terrible place that you see as heaven with out twisting your mind more than it has been. It is a hard sell. One of the reasons I read science fiction is for the what if. Minor tech problems with the universe that are not explained but since no explanation is given I’m willing to for go any criticism; and assume the universe is self consistent. If the other stories in ‘the fold’ series are as gripping I will be listening and reading them all. Well done Paul, you have grabbed my attention!

Elated in Borneo

(5 stars)

Just loved this book and the depth in the plot line created. I particularly liked the construct, which deftly combines more than just a nod to the Space Opera genre, replete with pesky Russians and aliens bent on domination, with very modern relationships so naturally portrayed. Clumsy this is not. I particularly appreciated the narrator and both his craft and voice, which reminded me of Nathan Lowell; good job Paul. I'm both relieved and elated to know that I'm in for a wonderful journey ahead with several books to come.

(0 stars)

Mr Paul J. Joseph I begin listening to your books and have completed marker stone and homesick. I have been looking for the next book web of life,and have not been able to find it on podiobooks, I very much would like to here all of the story, for it ...

(0 stars)

SquidDNA, I must admit to being relatively new at narrating stories, and I am grateful that the largest percentage of criticism of my work is my voice. I will try to tone it down when possible, but you have to admit they were in a tense situation. Wait till Ian ...