The King of Schnorrers

Read by Adrian Praetzellis

(4.7 stars; 35 reviews)

Manasseh da Costa, protagonist of this hilarious novel, is a schnorrer (beggar) who lives on the charitable contributions of the Jews of late 18th-century London. Manasseh is far from being a humble panhandler for, as every schnorrer knows, supporting the poor is a commandment from God (a mitzvah) not just a favour. And as the descendant of Portuguese Jews who had lived in England for many generations, Manasseh is the social superior of those newly arrived from Eastern Europe (Tedesco)—even his wealthy ‘patron’ Joseph Grobstock. The book concludes as the ever-audacious Manasseh strikes a blow for tolerance and understanding—while helping himself along the way. (Summary by Adrian Praetzellis)
Alt-BC: Lucy Burgoyne

(4 hr 24 min)


Showing how the wicked philanthropist was turned into a fish-porter 40:00 Read by Adrian Praetzellis
Showing how the king reigned 38:46 Read by Adrian Praetzellis
Showing how his majesty went to the theatre and was wooed 47:07 Read by Adrian Praetzellis
Showing how the royal wedding was arranged 46:13 Read by Adrian Praetzellis
Showing how the king dissolved the Mahamad 43:47 Read by Adrian Praetzellis
Showing how the king enriched the synagogue 49:03 Read by Adrian Praetzellis


Funny stuff.

(5 stars)

Hilarious story cranked up to 11 by the awesome performance! *sticks out tongue and raises both hands extending index & pinky fingers*

Wonderful story

(5 stars)

Between the way the story is written and the narrator this is one piece of literature you want to go on forever... it's def too short but many thanks to the author and narrator for bringing it to life

A very nice reading - questionable "Zangwill" humour

(4 stars)

The recording is excellent, however. Five stars for Mr Adrian Praetzellis but only three stars for the book.

Clever story beautifully read

(5 stars)

Funny, clever, fast moving and, as always, beautifully read.

(2 stars)

The reader does a great job! But I did not like the book.

The King of Schmorrers

(5 stars)

Well read, fun listen - thanks!

absolutely superb

(5 stars)

perfect reading, extremely humorous story

brilliantly read !

(5 stars)

fabulous reader !