Celebrated Crimes, Vol. 4: Part 2: Urbain Grandier

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This is the dramatic story of Urbain Grandier, a catholic priest, who had a reputation to rival that of Casanova, which ultimately led to his destruction. He was accused of witchcraft after a series of accusations from nuns of a nearby convent, who claimed that Grandier has sent several demons upon them.
The case is very well documented, and the original documents of the alleged pact, written in backwards Latin and signed by all participating demons, are still preserved. The case continues to inspire art and sciences, leading to assessments of the events in light of modern sociology, psychology, and legal sciences. Alexandre Dumas' version of the events is presented here. - Summary by Carolin (4 hr 8 min)


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very good

(3.5 stars)

This book starts out slow but the later chapters really pick up. It is a read to just see what happens to him and what he endures. Readers were good for the most part,