Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie

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Murder on the Orient Express 2:59:02


Best Ever

(5 stars)

Amazing Reading. Best I have ever heard. The various voices and characterization brings the story to life. Would love to know who did the reading and hear more from them.


(5 stars)

A cast list of over 14 different characters, with various European and American accents, more than one of whom will speak in a different accent before it’s over. A story famous for having suspects from every walk of life, all voiced most excellently by an extremely gifted narrator. And the most unique voice belonging to Poirot himself, fitting for a character described in odd physical terms, unique but not distractingly so. Very impressive reading. Nice to finally “read” one of the most famous murder mysteries, and it holds up extremely well. Elegant, with several given clues the reader should catch if they paused the story to really think - but who would? In the end, very believable and good.

Brilliant ...... Just Brilliant.

(5 stars)

Best performance from the Narrator. Impressive vocal delivery. I am not an avid fan of audiobooks but damn ....., the narrator changed my perspective. The story was so engrossing, narration was so vivid, I was reliving the entire story as a passenger in the Orient Express itself. Hats off to the brilliant Author and the story teller.

best reader yet!

(5 stars)

amazing. the voices and expressions were excellently executed. the narrative and each of the characters accents were very entertaining. thank you

One of the best audiobooks I've ever heard!

(5 stars)

First of all, I wish I knew who this narrator is! He is absolutely phenomenally talented, and this is one of the most entertaining audio books I've ever heard-- not just for the awesome story, but because he himself is so incredibly talented. He is able to act out so many different voices, and I'm truly impressed by how different each one is! The pacing and timing is all spot-on, and he does a nice job with each accent. The the story itself is wonderful. Overall, I highly highly recommend giving this a listen!

best voice actor ever

(5 stars)

I thought I'd "read" the original version of Murder on the Orient Express before I went to see it as a movie. I must say that whoever is the voice actor for this particular audiobook is absolutely sensational! Each character has its own unique and distinct voice. Plus, the foreign accents in French, German, English and American are flawless. This is such a fun listen!!! Plus the narrator speaks at just the right speed to make every word clear and distinct. Highly recommended.


(5 stars)

The book by itself is wonderful even without the voice. But the voice or voices had perfected and enhanced the story. I do not know who have done the readong a single person or a group of people it was so beautifully done. I totaly suggest to listen to this heart gripping book. 🖒🖒🖒❤🖒🖒🖒❤❤💘💘

murder on the orient expres

(5 stars)

This is a seriously fabulous book. Excellent whodunnit so convoluted it will baffle every new reader/listener throughout. So well crafted it brings those familiar with the story back time and time again to listen and marvel anew. Superb! Fantastic! And this reader is outstanding!!!