"Tell-Tale Heart," by Edgar Allen Poe (read by Xe Sands)

(4.7 stars; 80 reviews)

Classic short tale of horror and suspense from Edgar Allen Poe.



(5 stars)

I downloaded the app again just to hear this version once more. I heard it when I first started studying English, and I still find it splendid.

A suitably sexy reading

(5 stars)

Sands's sultry reading imbues Poe's tale with a touch of dark eroticism that I found strangely fitting.


(5 stars)

I really loved the way she reads, calmly and slowly, quite appropriate for students of English like me and giving and excellent contrast to the story at the same time. Who's she? Where can I find more books read by her?

very entertaining and accurate

(5 stars)

A well paced and passionate reading.

Great Quality

(4 stars)

I really liked the women that read the poem. The audio book also had good audio quality I really loved it

A favorite classic.

(5 stars)

Always a favorite of mine. Love that Poe's works have been recorded. Thank you.