Space Casey Season 2

Read by Christiana Ellis

(4.5 stars; 120 reviews)

In this follow-up to the award-winning comedy-science-fiction-audio-drama: "Space Casey", Casey the intergalactic con-artist continues her thrilling tale of adventure, fraud, and time travel!

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(5 stars)

Good story but please ow please cut out the music. Every ten minutes I had to skip forward one minute as if you listen to the hole book in one go it gets on your nerves. apart from that a good if you do anymore please leve out the music. ..

(0 stars)

I just didn't like the main character, she acts like a child 99.9999% of the time, and the starting a religion thing was something i just didnt find funny. Narcasism I'm a main character seems a tough thing to pull off unless you just want people to want to slap ...

(0 stars)

Brilliant ! Funny ! Great Production ! Full Cast Audio ! what more could you want. I enjoyed the first and have thoroughly enjoyed the second. This is a tongue in cheek parody of every TV/Film set in space which should be enough for any Sci-Fi fan to enjoy. Really ...

(0 stars)

Great read/listen! Love Casey's irreverent take on most everything. She's such an honest character, I really like hearing her stories. Total confusion trying to keep all the iterations straight. ***Spoilers*** I'm sure glad she went back for Stripey :) I was really hoping that her and Ben would somehow be ...

(0 stars)

Nice little follow up to book 1 The narration is excellent and the pace keeps you entertained all the way through Be warned however that some of the twists and skips do leave you with the WTF feeling as the occasionally do drift out of character and out of time ...

(0 stars)

I love this story! I feel that the negative comments about the casey are all wrong, its always a treat to experience a story where the hero isn't your run of the mill paladin type or your twilight style hero with doubts about if there good or evil. Casey is ...

(0 stars)

I finally listened to both Space Casey books and boy, am I glad I did! I love Casey's dry, cynical outlook. The humour is right up my ally! And as a severe archnophobic I'm suprised by how much I really came to like Stripey. Now, on to Nina Kimberly!

To the beginning and beyond

(5 stars)

Nice little adventure in time and space. Tongue and cheek save the universe(s)!