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From Volume 12 of the Dresden Edition of The Works of Robert G. Ingersoll, entitled Miscellany, this audio book delivers the final chapters, 21 stirring tributes delivered by Colonel Ingersoll (The Great Agnostic) at the funerals or grave sides of, or published, of persons he greatly admired. Included are George Jacob Holyoake, Benjamin W. Parker, Ebon C. Ingersoll, Rev. Alexander Clark, John G. Mills, Elizur Wright, Mrs. Ida Whiting Knowles, Henry Ward Beecher, Roscoe Conkling, Richard H. Whiting, Courtlandt Palmer, Mrs. Mary H. Fiske, Horace Seaver, Lawrence Barrett, Walt Whitman, Philo D. Beckwith, Aton Seidl, Dr. Thomas Seton Robertson, Thomas Corwin, Isaac H. Bailey, and Harrison G. Fiske. (Summary by Michele Fry) (3 hr 7 min)


00. Publisher's Preface 3:20 Read by Michele Fry
01. A Tribute To George Jacob Holyoake 10:44 Read by Edward Kirkby
02. At The Grave Of Benjamin W. Parker 2:19 Read by Tom Penn
03. A Tribute To Ebon C. Ingersoll 9:21 Read by Scott Danneker
04. A Tribute To The Rev. Alexander Clark 4:26 Read by Tom Penn
05. At A Child's Grave 3:38 Read by Kathleen Moore
06. A Tribute To John G. Mills 5:24 Read by Kathleen Moore
07. A Tribute To Elizur Wright 9:29 Read by Kathleen Moore
08. A Tribute To Mrs. Ida Whiting Knowles 2:41 Read by Kathleen Moore
09. A Tribute To Henry Ward Beecher 14:00 Read by Michele Fry
10. A Tribute To Roscoe Conkling 28:00 Read by Tom Penn
11. A Tribute To Richard H. Whiting 3:35 Read by 3Dad
12. A Tribute To Courtlandt Palmer 14:57 Read by William Allan Jones
13. A Tribute To Mrs. Mary H. Fiske 6:17 Read by Edward Kirkby
14. A Tribute To Horace Seaver 16:29 Read by realisticspeakers
15. A Tribute To Lawrence Barrett 5:58 Read by Scott Danneker
16. A Tribute To Walt Whitman 13:25 Read by Michele Fry
17. A Tribute To Philo D. Beckwith 10:46 Read by Scott Danneker
18. A Tribute To Anton Seidl 4:41 Read by Scott Danneker
19. A Tribute To Dr. Thomas Seton Robertson 4:21 Read by realisticspeakers
20. A Tribute To Thomas Corwin 2:45 Read by 3Dad
21. A Tribute To Isaac H. Bailey 11:01 Read by Tom Penn