A Shropshire Lad (Version 3)

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Composed while Housman was living in London, and mostly before he even visited the county of Shropshire, A Shropshire Lad is a cycle of 63 poems which describe an idyllic rural existence, but with the main theme being young mens' early deaths. This led its popularity during the Second Boer War, and then later during WWI. - Summary by clarinetcarrot (1 hr 7 min)


Introduction 4:53 Read by clarinetcarrot
Poems I - XX 18:38 Read by clarinetcarrot
Poems XXI - XL 18:41 Read by clarinetcarrot
Poems XLI - LXIII 24:53 Read by clarinetcarrot


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Very well read. Not sure about the poems though. I listened to this because George Orwell said AE Housman was his fauvorite poet as a young man in an essay.