Political Ideals

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(4.5 stars; 13 reviews)

This is a book by the famous 20th century British philosopher Bertrand Russell on Political Ideals. It was written during the course of World War 1 and contains a critique on the politico economic situation of then Europe. What is interesting is that some of his beliefs are still relevant today. (Summary by Sid) (2 hr 26 min)


Chapter I: Political Ideals 36:28 Read by Pamela Nagami
Chapter II: Capitalism and the Wage System 29:37 Read by Andrew Parker
Chapter III: Pitfalls in Socialism 26:54 Read by realisticspeakers
Chapter IV: Individual Liberty and Public Control 31:08 Read by Amelia Chesley
Chapter V: National Independence and Internationalism 22:37 Read by Scott Foster



(5 stars)

Good narration made it easier to grasp ideas and concepts

(2 stars)

very good readers. this view point is not one I could agree with. it takes away independence, liberty, and care at a local level.