Window in the Sky

Read by Paul J. Joseph

(4.4 stars; 175 reviews)

With a lasting peace established between Earth and Baltan mediated by the growing alliance with the mysterious Szzzyyyxx, a new chapter in human history begins. But in the midst of this, the Szzzyyyxx Mother requests Sally's help with a mystery. Two Szzzyyyxx vessels have disappeared in the far reaches of their space. Sally and Ian plan a controversial rescue mission with the first of a new line of experimental ships. They arrive in the region to discover a fold that doesn't appear to go anywhere. On closer inspection, however, they find evidence of a black hole and a strange world that defies understanding. Through the use of a machine established in eternity, The Szzzyyyxx have teleported to Earth in the 1960s. There, captured by the KGB, they unwittingly help a rogue agent rise to power and dominate the Earth. But the power he uses to do this opens a door to something far worse. With their own past erased, Sally and her crew must rebuild history and defeat an ancient and universal evil.

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Episode 27 Possibilities Old and New Read by Paul J. Joseph



(4 stars)

Truly enjoyed the wrap up story. I'm not religious but I still love epic tales. And without eluding to the twists, I appreciated them. I could however, do without the rant at the end of the book. Not for any personal conflict I have, but because it did take away some of the flavor of the story and it's meaning for me. Some things are better without explanation. That being said, I found the story enjoyable. As all I've heard from Mr. Joseph. He has absolutely become a wonderful narrator. Throughout the series he has honed his voices and especially his timing. I find myself wishing the story never ended. Make no mistake, he is an incredible writer.

weirdest way to ruin a SF book.

(2.5 stars)

The occasional Christian peach in the previous books was just about bearable. irritating but ignorable. then there is this one. from end to end Christian propaganda where any one who doesn't belive in god is wilfully serving the devil and all the homosexuals get "healed" in the the end. It's just lucky the angels come and save us from the horrible gaps in the time line logic.

(5 stars)

Great series and if you know the Bible it will help and if you follow the novel idea of the rapture it makes more sense. Each book is self explanatory as a story but reading from beginning to end is recommended. I love the twists that occur to keep you guessing where he's going. Thank you for sharing your unique style and I will definitely be recommending this series to others and looking forward to more of your work. God Bless

Really liked the series... the proselytizing not so much

(4 stars)

Turns out the author makes creative decisions based upon his relationship with God...

Praising God from Borneo

(5 stars)

I remain an admirer of Paul Joseph's work and his sheer imagination, not simply to create such a complex plot line, but also to develop characters and the relationships between them. Often, their conversations appear quite pedestrian, but taken as a whole we see a rich tapestry of life set within the alternative realities that Paul creates in this his final book in the series. I appreciated the Epilogue; a from the heart personal note. Afterwards, I was left feeling that I had gone through my own fold. I have listened to all the books in the series in just over a month, yet for Paul Joseph these books represent 15 years of his life. regrets...we are the sum total of all our experiences and God will use all of that if you let Him. I commend this series from someone who has really enjoyed the journey and the many challenging propositions that have been so eloquently presented....

(0.5 stars)

For me, this story is a series ending that is both unskillful and a non sequitur. The boundaries and limitlessness of the series prior to this story were discarded in favor of a staid story that is boringly reliant on time shifts to constantly rearrange the actors and the set. Additionally, grafting the enduring battle between god and the devil as the device that ends the story preempts the need to stylize the wonderful books that precede it. Having god and the devil as actual characters minimizes the story since the ultimate power is held by god and thus the story line is only a quirk that god allows. All other characters are, therefore, non characters. An unsatisfying ending I appreciate the author's authority to present the story as the author desires, no problem with that. I did not enjoy this story and will be wary of future stories presented by this author.


(3.5 stars)

This book was a bit of a departure from the rest of the through the fold series but was still a great story. I thought things were going to end differently but was pleasantly surprised. I didn't quite understand how the Russians kept zeesheese alive when in Splash down it seemed that the crew of the ultrablitz made it seem like it was a great deal of work that required someone else to help keep them clean. Thanks Paul for the series I thoroughly enjoyed it and you did a great job of reading. You added something I think only the author could with the sounds and pronunciations.

The Finale

(4.5 stars)

This last grand installment of the epic Through the Fold series is one of the best Science Fiction novels I've read. The author shows off his talent as a writer who is not about to shy away from both scientific theories and philosophical thought. One of my favorite things about this series is the character development which ends their ark in this book with some surprising twists. Overall this book is a wonderful piece of literature that is very interesting and keeps you on the brink of suspense.