The Jolly Corner (Version 2)

Read by Tony Addison

(2.3 stars; 3 reviews)

"A miraculous masterpiece" it seemed to Henry James, who wrote it. What actually happens in this most remarkable story (though at one level, it is quite clear - a ghost appears) must ever remain unresolved. Stalked by an alternative self in his childhood home, abandoned by him for more than thirty years, the narrator must find his hidden Hyde, incorporate all the violent possibility he represents into his all too impressionable psyche and still go on living. How? That is the question. Well, Cecilia de Noel has the answer. Check out her alternative conclusion, read by David Wales, here. (Summary by Tony Addison) (2 hr 7 min)


Chapter One 45:57 Read by Tony Addison
Chapter Two 1:04:06 Read by Tony Addison
Chapter Three 17:02 Read by Tony Addison