Scrapper's Hope

Read by Timothy P. Callahan

(4.1 stars; 431 reviews)

Scrapper, a disgraced United Corp Captain, and his crew of salvagers have found a bounty too large to ignore orbiting a gas giant. Upon arriving on the unnamed science vessel, they find all but two of the crew slaughtered. The survivors, Naomi, a computer programmer, and Professor Litchen, the ship’s lead scientist, tell conflicting stories of crew members turning into murderous monsters.

With the ship’s treasures promising Scrapper redemption and a better life, he ignores his instincts to leave. It’s a decision Scrapper soon regrets as the mysteries deepen and the survivors’ secrets are revealed

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liked the book.....could do without the homosexuality....but fun

(4 stars)

(0 stars)

Thanks for the heads up, Brian. We took the podcast down for a bit while I fixed the sound issue. My sincerest apologies for the issues, got no one to blame but myself. It is now safe to listen without blowing out your eardrums.

Written with style, expertise &...hope?

(5 stars)

Mr Callahan knows how to write with style & with a certain amount of finessé. I've been a sci-fi fan since primary...a better part of 40 yrs, & Scrapper's Hope is exceptional. There's several mistakes sure but they're only minor. The difference between a good story & a great one is the ability to whisk you light-years away with descriptions of characters that are thought out well but not over done. The only dissapointment I had was that it ended all too soon! I was looking forward to Scrapper's Hope 2 but, without trying to be a spoiler, I'd be ruining the ending if there was. Thanks be to you Mr Callahan, for such a well authored & a bonus read tale of deep-space. ✨☺👍

(0 stars)

Timothy P. Callahan keep up the good work!!! I listened to the Arwen series some months ago, and it was nice to see you post some new work. It was nice hearing something new about the universe. Kudos.

(0 stars)

A fun horror/sci-fi story! Not graphically gruesome and just the right amount of scary. Fans of the author's other work will enjoy it. I didn't notice the previously mentioned sound problem, so apparently it's been fixed.

(5 stars)

I really enjoyed listening to this, it was a good story & was very well read. Please don't stop writing Mr Callàhan. 👍

Beyond frustrating

(2 stars)

I want to apologize to the author if this review hurts his feelings, that is not my intention. The story is fantastic & I am desperate to know what I will just have to read his book. You have a visceral reaction to the characters. I reached my breaking point with the audio. Story 5☆ reading 1☆. List of complaints, #1 reader has a speech impediment & can not enunciate or clearly pronounce enough words that it is painful. The wuh awe instead of Rrr. thing little kids & Barbra Walter's do etc. #2 The reader sounds like he may have had a couple of beers before reading a strange book for the first time out loud while not being very talented at reading out loud. His story sounds new to him. You have no idea which character is talking, their commentary all blends together & there is no change in voices for the most part. Needs a mic that muffles mouth noises/smacking. If he could get a buddy to read it for him this book would be a 5☆ work of excellent science fiction.

Great so far

(5 stars)

Much better than most sci fi on Scribble. / libriVox. Better science. Spooky, well written. ( Edit. : Listened to for the second time. A really good science fiction story. very timely, with the current rush to send manned probes to gas giants. Spoiler alert)