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(4.3 stars; 37 reviews)

Mary and Ned Boyne have fled their dreary life in Wisconsin for a home in rustic Dorsetshire. But you can only run so far, and some things - some secret things - may follow you. A creepy and tragic ghost story from one of the masters. (Summary by John Silence)

(1 hr 17 min)


Part 1 31:20 Read by Charlie Blakemore
Part 2 45:50 Read by Charlie Blakemore



(5 stars)

Suspenseful & exciting! Excellently read, too. Thank-you, reader.

(5 stars)

love the book, wish it was longer!

(3.5 stars)

We'll read and an intriguing story.

(5 stars)

for reader. The story is not so good.