Lyrics of Earth

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This is a volume of nature poetry by Canadian poet Archibald Lampman. Lampman is considered one of the most distinguished poets of his time, and is still widely read today. - Summary by Carolin (1 hr 18 min)


To My Mother 0:49 Read by Rubenwhitter
The Sweetness of Life 2:05 Read by realisticspeakers
God-speed to the Snow 1:20 Read by realisticspeakers
April in the Hills 2:27 Read by MacKenzie Nikol Greenwood
Forest Moods 1:15 Read by Jack Albert
The Return of the Year 2:04 Read by realisticspeakers
Favorites of Pan 3:58 Read by MaryAnn
The Meadow 5:26 Read by MaryAnn
In May 2:14 Read by Bruce Kachuk
Life and Nature 1:40 Read by Larry Wilson
With the Night 0:42 Read by Anusha Iyer
June 4:59 Read by MaryAnn
Distance 0:40 Read by Anusha Iyer
The Bird and the Hour 1:09 Read by Bruce Kachuk
After Rain 2:16 Read by realisticspeakers
Cloud-break 1:32 Read by MacKenzie Nikol Greenwood
The Moon-path 2:15 Read by Jack Albert
Comfort of the Fields 4:13 Read by MaryAnn
At the Ferry 4:23 Read by MaryAnn
September 5:26 Read by Bruce Kachuk
A Re-Assurance 0:37 Read by Amy Gramour
The Poet's Possession 0:57 Read by Bruce Kachuk
An Autumn Landscape 2:44 Read by Bruce Kachuk
In November 2:50 Read by Anusha Iyer
By an Autumn Stream 1:57 Read by Bruce Kachuk
Snowbirds 1:07 Read by MacKenzie Nikol Greenwood
Snow 2:14 Read by Bruce Kachuk
Sunset 1:48 Read by Bruce Kachuk
Winter-store 12:16 Read by MacKenzie Nikol Greenwood
The Sun Cup 1:18 Read by Larry Wilson