Emily Climbs

(4.4 stars; 97 reviews)

Teenage orphan Emily Starr of New Moon has always wanted to be a great writer. But her old-fashioned aunt, who has never liked Emily’s writing, refuses to let Emily go to high school unless she stops! Shrewsbury brings new friends, new adventures, and new enemies, and the town is scandalized by some of Emily’s exploits. Perhaps the hardest trial is having to board with her Aunt Ruth. Or is it her promise to Aunt Elizabeth? But Emily’s troubles are only the beginning of her climb to success … and perhaps romance.
(Summary by Rachel)

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so funny and sweet!

(4 stars)

I love all things Lucy Maud Montgomery! It's really to bad that they do not have Emily of New Moon, because if you read that first the story line will make soooo much more sense. There is also a sequel called Emily's Quest. All the readers on this story did an amazing job. Thanks so much!

Wonderful reader

(5 stars)

I don’t know the age of this reader (Rachel), but she has the voice of a young girl, and she’s wonderful. When she reads from Emily’s journals, it really sounds as if we’re hearing from Emily directly. I have to admit that when I previewed the first chapter, I braced myself for disappointment when I heard the very young voice, expecting lots of mispronunciations and other such errors. I was wrong. I can’t believe she did such a polished, professional job. She performed each role beautifully, and she puts her heart into the words— particularly Emily’s.

Lovely story, amateur reading

(3 stars)

Like all of L. M. Montgomery's books, the story is delightful. The recording, however, leaves something to be desired. Like other reviews have pointed out the reader sounds young and expressive which is true. For her youth she had a pleasing cadence and fluency of speech. However, her expressiveness did not always match the attitude of the writing and felt discordant. There were also a distracting number of mispronunciations of common words.

(5 stars)

Great reader and story. Listen to “Emily of New Moon” before this one. Also a sequel and the finale of the series called “Emily’s Quest” which is not yet on Librivox. Good job, Rachel, thank you for reading!

lovely coming of age story

(4.5 stars)

I had some trouble with chapters not playing, to fix this I removed downloads (I had tried to download the book several times), closed and reopened librivox and pressed play again.

(5 stars)

I grew up reading Anne but never dreamed how much more I would relate to Emily! Prettily narrated by s voice perfect for the main character.

beautiful book

(5 stars)

very sweet story about a strong and sensitive girl read by a young, sweet and strong voice, very fitting and enjoyable

Emily of New Moon

(5 stars)

this book is written by L.M. Montomery the same author as the Anne of Green Gables books.