The Thief

Read by Crln Yldz Ksr

(4.5 stars; 31 reviews)

At a dinner party, a valuable coin is lost while being passed around among the guests to look at. One of the gentlemen insists to empty his pockets to the host to free himself of all suspicion, and the other gentlemen concur, except one, who absolutely refuses, and leaves the house. Is he the thief or did he have another reason to wish to avoid inspection of his pockets? - Summary by Carolin (0 hr 52 min)


Part 1 25:35 Read by Crln Yldz Ksr
Part 2 26:58 Read by Crln Yldz Ksr


A True Gem of a Short Story

(5 stars)

So much story in just two chapters and one hour of reading. I highly recommend this story and the reader.

nice story

(5 stars)

Kept you guessing till the end.

very good

(5 stars)

good story. great reader.