Lotus Buds

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Amy Carmichael tells the story of work among the girls of India, who she calls "Lotus Buds". - Summary by Adele de Pignerolles (8 hr 20 min)


Foreword 4:34 Read by MaryAnn
Lotus Buds 4:13 Read by MaryAnn
Opposites 15:56 Read by MaryAnn
The Scamp 11:37 Read by MaryAnn
The Photographs 9:49 Read by Alice Jane
Tara and Evu 13:51 Read by Alice Jane
Principalities, Powers, Rulers 14:54 Read by Larry Wilson
How the Children Come 12:44 Read by Alice Jane
Others 7:11 Read by Alice Jane
Old Dévai 10:39 Read by Alice Jane
Failures? 16:00 Read by Alice Jane
God Heard: God Answered 13:16 Read by Kaitie Grace
To What Purpose? 11:31 Read by Kaitie Grace
A Story of Comfort 15:28 Read by Kaitie Grace
Pickles and Puck 9:07 Read by Hannah Mary
The Howler 10:56 Read by Gillian Hendrie
The Neyoor Nursery 18:32 Read by Larry Wilson
In the Compound and Near It 15:22 Read by Paula Priebe
From the Temple of the Rock 7:26 Read by Devorah Allen
Yosépu 14:10 Read by Alice Jane
The Menagerie 20:14 Read by Gillian Hendrie
More Animals 10:11 Read by Gillian Hendrie
The Parrot House 15:40 Read by Hannah Mary
The Bear Garden 17:03 Read by Hannah Mary
The Accals 25:07 Read by Alice Jane
The Little Accals 12:38 Read by Larry Wilson
'Very Common in Those Parts' 18:10 Read by laurencetrask
The Glory of the Usual 13:23 Read by Naduplants
The Secret Traffic 10:16 Read by Naduplants
Blue Book Evidence 11:54 Read by Naduplants
On the Side of the Oppressors There Was Power 14:07 Read by laurencetrask
And There Was None to Save 17:38 Read by laurencetrask
The Power Behind the Work 16:44 Read by Larry Wilson
If This Were All 9:30 Read by Kaitie Grace
'To Continue the Succession' 18:01 Read by Larry Wilson
What If She Misses Her Chance? 14:20 Read by Alice Jane
'Thy Sweet Original Joy' 17:56 Read by Larry Wilson