Aunt Hannah and Martha and John

Read by MaryAnn

(4.8 stars; 110 reviews)

Aunt Hannah's fondest wish had been that her nephew John would marry a local girl and take over the family farm. Trouble was, John was never very interested in the farm and followed his own path, first to college and then to seminary. Now he was settling into his first pastorate and as anyone could see, his wife Mattie was simply not fit to be a housekeeper or a pastor's wife in a country church. If only he had listened to his Aunt Hannah! (Summary by MaryAnn) (9 hr 9 min)


Aunt Hannah's Letter to Her Sister 17:10 Read by MaryAnn
Mixed Things 14:30 Read by MaryAnn
Good Bread and Good Meetings 19:53 Read by MaryAnn
"Total Depravity" 14:35 Read by MaryAnn
Purturbations 23:03 Read by MaryAnn
A Smoky Atmosphere 15:35 Read by MaryAnn
Bonnets, and Burns, and Burdens 19:09 Read by MaryAnn
Impromptu Visits 20:11 Read by MaryAnn
Reconciliations 20:25 Read by MaryAnn
Moral Evolution 17:17 Read by MaryAnn
"Don't Repeat It" 21:58 Read by MaryAnn
Lessons 17:56 Read by MaryAnn
Persecution of the Saints 20:19 Read by MaryAnn
Cross-Lots 18:18 Read by MaryAnn
Character Studies 17:59 Read by MaryAnn
This World and the Other One 23:50 Read by MaryAnn
Ready to Make Sacrifices 16:55 Read by MaryAnn
"Without are Dogs" 24:41 Read by MaryAnn
Intricacies 21:50 Read by MaryAnn
An Eventful Afternoon 20:45 Read by MaryAnn
Embarassing Questions 20:20 Read by MaryAnn
Fanaticism 22:33 Read by MaryAnn
Precipitation 16:56 Read by MaryAnn
Complications 21:41 Read by MaryAnn
A Modern Martyr 18:01 Read by MaryAnn
"Three of Us" 17:48 Read by MaryAnn
Intuition 18:09 Read by MaryAnn
J.S.R. 27:33 Read by MaryAnn



(5 stars)

reader: 5 stars story: 5 stars Really enjoy historical novels, authors did a great job weaving facts and interesting characters. Also a good way to sneak a little history into your teenagers' lives. They listened as I listened while driving, cooking, etc. And last, but definitely not least the overarching principles of God and His love-beautifully crafted!

I had no idea I had saved one of the best for last

(5 stars)

I think I have come to the end of all the Pansy stories in Librivox. I'm sort of sad. They are so uplifting and I have gained so much knowledge and how to walk out my faith in Christ, how to give an answer for the hope that is within me.

one of my favorite readers

(4 stars)

Although I have no issue with adult beverages and clean dancing when done in moderation and taste (as if Jesus was there), I do know what it's like to stand up for the Word especially against fellow believers. this book is encouraging and let's one see the bigger picture.

Still relevant

(5 stars)

First, this reader of Pansy's book makes it most enjoyable. As is my experience with this author's stories, the attitudes believers must avoid are well handled by Hannah, Martha, John and Elsie, the main characters. These are challenges believers face today as well. Much food for thought.

Aunt Hannah and Marth and John

(5 stars)

Such a lovely reading voice and a wonderful story. A delight overall.


(5 stars)

I like to see people stick to their convictions even if it bucks the crowd.

gentle measures

(4 stars)

Consistently reminds one of the dangers of alcohol; love how they cultivate Christian beliefs.

well read

(4.5 stars)

Excellent reader A well written depiction of a time period of our history