Short Nonfiction Collection, Vol. 046

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(2 stars; 1 reviews)

(6 hr 47 min)


Change-Ringing 19:30 Read by Garth Burton
Concerning the Jews 46:40 Read by Michele Fry
The Death Of The Poet John Keats, 1821 29:29 Read by David Wales
Discourse Lamenting the Death of Alexander Hamilton 53:55 Read by TriciaG
The Earth Belongs To The Living, Part 1 17:27 Read by Michele Fry
The Earth Belongs To The Living, Part 2 10:26 Read by Michele Fry
Fear 14:50 Read by SK
Fear of Death 26:51 Read by SK
Guide to Ignorance 24:58 Read by SK
The Honour of Your Country 7:57 Read by SK
Inoculation for the Smallpox 4:15 Read by Craig Campbell
Letter to James Madison from Thomas Jefferson, 28 October 1785 8:46 Read by Michele Fry
Marconi's Telegraphing Across the Ocean without Wires 47:50 Read by Sue Anderson
A Matchless Panorama--The View from Braddock Heights 8:35 Read by Jan MacGillivray
Meteoric Astronomy 7:50 Read by Availle
Of the Imagination 6:48 Read by Craig Campbell
On The Degrees of Ascension to God 20:00 Read by Craig Campbell
Painting as a Pastime, Part 1 24:14 Read by Sue Anderson
Painting as a Pastime, Part 2 20:50 Read by Sue Anderson
The Rule of Reason 6:13 Read by Craig Campbell


(2 stars)

Painting as Pastime is an enjoyable read, but this reader, while competent at reading the words, was unable to convey any emotion of what she was saying. Too bad.