Theodore Winthrop: A Civil War Narrative Aborted by Death

Read by David Wales

(4.3 stars; 11 reviews)

Theodore Winthrop (1828 – 1861) was a charismatic writer, lawyer, and world traveler. In the New York Seventh Regiment, he was one of the first Union officers killed in the American Civil War. He wrote two articles for The Atlantic Monthly, the first of an intended series on the nascent civil war. He was killed in the Battle Of Big Bethel in June 1861 before he finished the third article. This librivox recording consists of the two finished articles and the Atlantic Monthly obituary which itself contains the third article. These articles are from The Atlantic Monthly for June 1861, July 1861, and August 1861. Note: In article three, “contraband” means African Americans. - Summary by david wales (2 hr 45 min)


Not that great

(2.5 stars)

Lacks vividness of a good literary work. Very brief descriptions of environment.