Anting-Anting Stories And Other Strange Tales of the Filipinos

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"No less wonderful and varied are the inhabitants and the phenomena of the Philippines, and a new author, showing rare knowledge of the country and its strange peoples, now gives us a collection of simple yet wonderful stories which bring them before us with dramatic vividness... Strangest, perhaps, of all these possibilities for fiction is the 'anting-anting', at once a mysterious power to protect its possessor and the outward symbol of the protection..." - Summary from the Foreword (3 hr 42 min)


Foreword 2:48 Read by mlcui
The Anting-Anting of Captain Von Tollig 16:22 Read by mlcui
The Cave in the Side of Coron 20:35 Read by mlcui
The Conjure Man of Siargao 23:42 Read by mlcui
Mrs. Hannah Smith, Nurse 26:01 Read by mlcui
The Fifteenth Wife 18:10 Read by mlcui
Our Lady of Pilar 15:50 Read by mlcui
A Question of Time 21:06 Read by mlcui
The Spirit of Mount Apo 24:22 Read by mlcui
With What Measure Ye Mete 12:55 Read by mlcui
Told at the Club 13:45 Read by mlcui
Pearls of Sulu 24:41 Read by mlcui


(5 stars)

A "fresh" peek into the daily of Filipinos during that time period.

(5 stars)

Excellent Book , Special thanks to the Reader ...