The Fur Country

Read by Esther

(4.4 stars; 85 reviews)

In 1859, officers of the Hudson's Bay Company travel through the Northwest Territories of Canada on a mission to found a fort at 70 degrees, north of the Arctic Circle. At some point, an earthquake occurs, and from then on, laws of physics seem altered (a total eclipse happens to be only partial; tides are not perceived anymore). They eventually realise that they are not where they are supposed to be. (Wikipedia) (13 hr 36 min)


A Soirée at Fort Reliance 18:34 Read by Esther
The Hudson’s Bay Fur Company 15:24 Read by Esther
A Savant Thawed 13:44 Read by Esther
A Factory 16:39 Read by Esther
From Fort Reliance to Fort enterprise 16:37 Read by Esther
A Wapiti Duel 18:15 Read by Esther
The Arctic Circle 18:10 Read by Esther
The Great Bear Lake 18:27 Read by Esther
A Storm on the Lake 19:07 Read by Esther
A Retrospect 15:04 Read by Esther
Along the Coast 16:15 Read by Esther
The Midnight Sun 16:07 Read by Esther
Fort Hope 17:11 Read by Esther
Some Excursions 16:07 Read by Esther
Fifteen Miles from Cape Bathurst 14:49 Read by Esther
Two Shots 18:02 Read by Esther
The Approach of Winter 19:26 Read by Esther
The Polar Night 21:35 Read by Esther
A Neighbourly Visit 21:07 Read by Esther
Mercury Freezes 15:16 Read by Esther
The Large Polar Bears 22:48 Read by Esther
Five Months More 19:10 Read by Esther
The Eclipse of the 18th June 1860 21:34 Read by Esther
A Floating Fort 12:11 Read by Esther
Where Are We? 17:10 Read by Esther
A Tour Of The Island 19:32 Read by Esther
A Night Encampment 19:23 Read by Esther
From July 25th To August 20th 19:34 Read by Esther
Ten Days Of Tempest 16:36 Read by Esther
A Fire And A Cry 20:35 Read by Esther
Mrs. Paulina Barnett’s Excursion 23:16 Read by Esther
Kalumah’s Adventures 18:33 Read by Esther
The Kamtchatka Current 18:25 Read by Esther
A Communication From Lieutenant Hobson 18:05 Read by Esther
A Chance To Be Tried 19:14 Read by Esther
Across The Ice-Field 15:31 Read by Esther
The Winter Months 16:53 Read by Esther
A Last Exploring Expedition 23:33 Read by Esther
The Break-Up Of The Ice 17:54 Read by Esther
The Avalanche 13:23 Read by Esther
All At Work 20:13 Read by Esther
Behring Sea 17:06 Read by Esther
In The Offing 12:37 Read by Esther
The Island Becomes An Isle 11:13 Read by Esther
The Four Following Days 12:02 Read by Esther
On A Piece Of Ice 19:22 Read by Esther
Conclusion 4:19 Read by Esther


It Starts out slow

(5 stars)

A little mystery and romance coupled with adventure makes this my favorite solo thus far. (of course I'm giving myself 5 stars ;) ) Esther (Starlite)

Ripping Yarn, Excellent Reading

(5 stars)

The Fur Country by Jules Verne is an excellent adventure yarn. A group of soldiers working for the Hudson's Bay Company, accompanied by a few civilians, head toward the 70th parallel to set up a fur station. After a long journey they arrive safely and set up their factory. And then things go wrong. And keep going wrong. It's very exciting, I was on the edge of my seat. Plus it contains strong, competent female characters who hold their own and refuse to be patronised which can be a difficult thing to find in adventure stories of this era. Esther's reading is wonderful - just the right speed, just the right volume and the subtle character voices fit the story perfectly. A very enjoyable listen. Thank you Esther.

(4.5 stars)

little bit slow in the begining ,but excellent book by Jules Verne .reader is little monotone,but a good reader.thank you.

quite a great story

(5 stars)

very well read.. thank you

The Fur Country

(4 stars)

I love listening to Esther read. She has the perfect voice to listen to when I am in my art room working, soothing. Thank you Esther first of all for taking the time to record this classic. I really appreciate you. Secondly, this story ended horribly. He needed one more chapter. Thirdly I know more about glaciers than I ever expected to learn about and I think I might just survive a floating island of ice...


(5 stars)

An engrossing tale of indominatable persons. The thing that sets Verne apart from most other scifi writers is that many of his stories are well within the realm of possibiilit. This adventure is certainly in that area of possibility, regardless of its improbability. Thanks to Esther for her always clear, well-paced narration.

Great Reading

(5 stars)

The book was a little bit slow and predictable, but the reading was fabulous. Thank you Esther!

(5 stars)

It was a really good story that I really enjoyed! and the narrator was really good.