Lady Sybil's Choice

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(4.3 stars; 6 reviews)

This historical novel is set in the 1100s in France and Jerusalem, following the First Crusade. Part of the story of Guy of Lusignan (a real historical character) is told through the eyes of his fictional sister, Elaine.

Guy travels to the Holy Land to reclaim it from the Saracens. Elaine follows afterward, finding upon arrival that her brother has fallen in love with Sybil, the sister of the leper king of Jerusalem. Queen Sybilla, a real historical character, is surrounded by political intrigue as she prepares to ascend the throne, which threatens her upcoming marriage to Guy of Lusignan.

The story, however, is not primarily about the history of the period, but about the spiritual journey of Elaine to repentance and saving faith in the era of the medieval Church. How will Elaine's frail peace of mind, which depends on earthly things, cope with the looming storms on the horizon? - Summary by TriciaG (7 hr 21 min)


Preface 2:37 Read by Rachel
Guy Takes the Cross 34:56 Read by Rachel
Two Surprises for Elaine 30:33 Read by Rachel
All is not Gold that Glitters 38:33 Read by Rachel
A Journey—and the End of it 32:17 Read by Rachel
Curious Notions 32:38 Read by Kathleen Moore
The Perversity of People 35:42 Read by Kathleen Moore
A Little Cloud Out of the Sea 23:05 Read by KHand
As Good as Most People 27:03 Read by KHand
Elaine Finds More than she Expected 31:44 Read by KHand
Preparing for the Struggle 29:29 Read by KHand
The Calm Before the Storm 32:31 Read by Rita Boutros
Will She Give Him Up? 20:10 Read by Rita Boutros
Waiting for the Inevitable 24:20 Read by April6090
Sybil's Choice 25:25 Read by Campbell Schelp
Historical Appendix 20:25 Read by Campbell Schelp


Sweet Little Story

(4 stars)

A sweet and very religious children's book, albeit so old that children would have quite a hard time understanding it. I for one appreciated the historical appendix at the end. Having recently watched 'Kingdom of Heaven', it was interesting to get an old spin on the situation, and especially to get the historical facts/conjectures at the end. 10/13/23