Preferred Risk

Read by Nick Bulka

(4.4 stars; 45 reviews)

The Company insures you against everything. Everything except war, that is. But they've put an end to wars (or so they claim). The Company also controls everything. Including all the sources of weapons. The Company is dedicated to the happiness of mankind (or so they claim). Medical Treatment and Law Enforcement are just a few of the other services they provide to the entire world. Claims Adjuster Wills was a happy Company employee until his path crossed those of a man with no legs and a mysterious woman. All of a sudden, his world was turned upside down, and his decisions could determine the future of the planet. This collaborative work was originally published under the pseudonym Edson McCann. It was the winner of the 1955 Galaxy-Simon & Schuster novel contest. - Summary by Nick Bulka (6 hr 26 min)


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Something Different

(5 stars)

Although this is a solid if more or less conventional science fiction adventure, its unique vision of the future sets it apart in facinating ways. I was left wondering if Mr. Pohl or Mr. del Ray had ever worked for a major insurance company. I wouldn't be surprized to hear that they had. The reading is first rate. I don't recall hearing Nick Bulka before this. If indeed he is new to Librivox he has made an excellent start.

Bravo from Borneo

(4 stars)

I enjoyed this intriguing tale of a future time where one company and its powerful heads could corruptly press for world domination. There are some interesting characters and the plot moves at a reasonably good pace. Well read by the narrator. Delighted I came across this book.

6 1/2 hours of award winning science fiction

(5 stars)

6 1/2 hours of award winning science fiction. Must be worth a download.

Definitely an award winner

(5 stars)

Engaging story, very well read. Enjoyed ver much

Well thought our social commentary and an engaging reader

(5 stars)