The Day Boy and the Night Girl

Read by Laurie Anne Walden

(4.6 stars; 147 reviews)

A boy named Photogen, who has never seen the moon, meets a girl named Nycteris, who has never seen the sun. The two of them must escape from the witch Watho. As usual with George MacDonald, this fairy tale has layers of meaning that go deeper than the story on the surface. (summary by L.A. Walden) (1 hr 37 min)


Chapters 1-7 14:51 Read by Laurie Anne Walden
Chapters 8-9 12:40 Read by Laurie Anne Walden
Chapters 10-11 14:54 Read by Laurie Anne Walden
Chapters 12-13 14:42 Read by Laurie Anne Walden
Chapters 14-15 12:27 Read by Laurie Anne Walden
Chapters 16-17 10:24 Read by Laurie Anne Walden
Chapters 18-20 17:53 Read by Laurie Anne Walden



(5 stars)

An amazing story and I cannot get over the author’s description of the night girl’s reaction to her very first time outside. No wonder George MacDonald influenced so many great authors over the years. I am smitten with Mr. MacDonald and will read everything he has ever written. Many thanks to LibriVox and the exceptional narrator.

(5 stars)

love to listen to this at night. :-)

Great Children’s story

(5 stars)

Well read, very clear and understandable. I listened to the whole thing in an hour and a half. A nice little way to keep my morning interesting while I do chores. George Macdonald is so good at creating a less gruesome version of a story that feels like a brother Grimm tale. I would highly recommend to mothers who are looking for good wholesome stories to share with their kids. His characters are constantly making mistakes and then instead of the author/movie excusing the fault or belittling it he addresses it and the character either realizes the mistake and repents and turns away from the destructive act or faces the consequences of the act and has to live with those consequences.

The Day Boy and the Night Girl

(4 stars)

It is so nice to see MacDonald's work here in the archive. This tale, which I had never heard of, is just wonderful. Well read by a single reader.

Sweet fantasy story

(5 stars)

Enjoyed this story Very much, especially the description of how the girl saw her night adventures with such intensity of her senses of things she saw. Extremely well read

Fantastic fairytale with great imagination

(5 stars)

Great recording, and great fairy tail by George McDonald. I love the way he tells stories. Good for children and adults alike.

Charming tale!

(5 stars)

I had not heard of this story either, but it was captivating! Laurie Anne has done an excellent job reading it to us.

Very good!

(5 stars)

I love this story, it's so deep in meaning! and the voice of the reader goes very well with it.