Life in a Thousand Worlds

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

(4.7 stars; 11 reviews)

A jolly romp, which could be perhaps be described as Gulliver’s Travels Through Our Solar System and Beyond, as written by a great admirer of C. S. Lewis, on a rainy Sunday afternoon, after one too many mugs of cocoa. Includes some thought on alien philosophies and how to apply them to moral and social problems here on Planet Earth.

Unrelated to the book, this was also the one-thousandth project to be started at LibriVox. — (Non-summary by Cori Samuel.) (5 hr 45 min)


00 - Preface and Introduction 6:46 Read by Cori Samuel
01 - Are There More Worlds Than One? 8:25 Read by Esther
02 - A Visit to the Moon 24:13 Read by Chris Chapman
03 - A Visit to Mars 18:18 Read by Esther
04 - A Glimpse of Jupiter 24:59 Read by Tammy Sanders
05 - Beautiful Saturn 14:55 Read by Lizzie Driver
06 - The Nearest Fixed Star 11:02 Read by Lizzie Driver
07 - The Water World Visited 14:09 Read by Alex Buie
08 - Tor-tu 16:17 Read by Leonie Rose
09 - A Problem in Political Economy 13:52 Read by Esther
10 - Floating Cities 14:29 Read by Leonie Rose
11 - A World of Ideal Cities 15:46 Read by Esther
12 - A World Enjoying Its Millennium 13:22 Read by Lizzie Driver
13 - A World of High Medical Knowledge 12:06 Read by Sarah Jennings
14 - A World of Low Life 10:16 Read by Laura Koskinen
15 - A World of Highest Invention 19:54 Read by Leonie Rose
16 - A Singular Planet 14:00 Read by Lizzie Driver
17 - The Diamond World 18:21 Read by Kevin McAsh
18 - Triumphant Feat of Orion 8:09 Read by Kevin McAsh
19 - The Mute World 13:26 Read by Kirsten Ferreri
20 - Brief 11:36 Read by Leonie Rose
21 - The Life on Wings 22:09 Read by Lizzie Driver
22 - Heaven 18:47 Read by Sean McGaughey


Outlandish, Outdated, I love it!

(4 stars)

The title says it all. "Life in a humans imagination fuled by semi-science of the day" might be a more accurate title. Outlandish and outdated speculation on what life on other world's may be like. Includes: three eyed, "solid air" eating, pre-humans with stiff enlarged upper-lips they use for a sense of smell replacing the nose seeded our earth with the beginnings of humanity should say it all...

Most interesting book I've ever read

(5 stars)