The Strange Adventures of Eric Blackburn

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(4.4 stars; 95 reviews)

Eric Blackburn's strange adventures begin when the ship on which he is engaged as fourth officer is struck by an enormous meteorite and sinks within minutes, and Blackburn is the sole survivor out of the 535 people on board that ship. Through extraordinary luck he reaches an overturned lifeboat into which he saves himself, and from which he is rescued by the Yorkshire Lass. The Yorkshire Lass, however, brings with it a new adventure, as it is on a quest for hidden treasure on a mysterious tropical island and is going to catapult Eric into unprecedented adventures. - Summary by Carolin (7 hr 36 min)


The Catastrophe 21:05 Read by Tom Penn
The 'Yorkshire Lass' 19:47 Read by Tom Penn
An Amazing Story 23:52 Read by Melissa Jean
I take Command of the 'Yorkshire Lass 24:02 Read by Tom Donovan
We find the Treasure 25:30 Read by Warren Kati
Caught in a Typhoon 23:42 Read by Warren Kati
Billy tells how we became wrecked 22:38 Read by deongines
We go Exploring, and meet with an Adventure 30:35 Read by jenno
We settle down on Eden 28:56 Read by jenno
A Spider's Web! 25:06 Read by deongines
A Raid by the Apes 20:55 Read by Warren Kati
Islands of Fire! 28:40 Read by Warren Kati
We exterminate the Apes 18:24 Read by Melissa Jean
Attacked by Chinese Pirates 22:26 Read by Melissa Jean
A Surprising Reappearance 31:11 Read by deongines
Svorenssen relates an Interesting Story 31:44 Read by garyday
Is Trouble Brewing? 29:31 Read by Warren Kati
A Tragic End to our Troubles 28:54 Read by Warren Kati


(3 stars)

found the different narrators a little distracting. about 5 different voices but good yarn.

a bit to descriptive in some parts but overall a good tale

(4 stars)


(4 stars)

Liked it allot. Reminded me of Robinson.