My Monks of Vagabondia

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Before welfare or rehab, what happened to those unfortunates who lost their way, fell through the cracks, were cast off by society? Men such as Andress Floyd and his wife Lillian stepped up. In 1908, the philanthropists converted a mansion in New Jersey into a refuge for homeless men and during the more than 30 years of its operation, more than 100,000 men stayed there until they were able to get back on their feet. In this volume, Floyd has collected 13 diverse true tales of what brought some of the residents to seek succor and enlightenment at the Self-Mastery Colony. - Summary by Lynne Thompson (1 hr 42 min)


Introductory 3:25 Read by Lynne T
Journey to our Monastery 6:02 Read by Phil Chenevert
Mary and the Baby 7:20 Read by DebK
My Problems with Slippery Jim 13:04 Read by DebK
Our Friend, the Anarchist 8:41 Read by DebK
A Bashful Beggar 4:52 Read by Phil Chenevert
Fritz and his Sun Dial 9:24 Read by Lynne T
The Waiter who did not Wait 6:37 Read by Joseph McWombie
Compounding a Felony 7:40 Read by Lynne T
The Passing of Sullivan 7:25 Read by Joseph McWombie
When Sister Called 9:06 Read by jenno
Edison's Evening Star 6:41 Read by jenno
In the World of Wanderlust 3:27 Read by Joseph McWombie
The Two Jeans 9:07 Read by Lynne T