From the Easy Chair Vol. 1

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

George William Curtis was a writer and public speaker. He was editor of Harper's Weekly and one of the founders of the American Republican party, and served Ulysses S. Grant; although he split from the party in the 1880s over the choice of presidential candidate. He was an original member of the New York Board of Education. This anthology of essays is the first of a three volume work, showing his broad knowledge and interest. - Summary by Lynne Thompson (4 hr 9 min)


Edward Everett in 1862 15:20 Read by Matthew Squaire
At the Opera in 1864 6:46 Read by Justin Bresson
Emerson Lecturing 7:18 Read by BettyB
Shops and Shopping 10:07 Read by BettyB
Mrs. Grundy and the Cosmopolitan 8:20 Read by April6090
Dickens Reading (1867) 13:17 Read by April6090
Phillis 7:17 Read by Matthew Squaire
Thoreau and my Lady Cavaliere 12:25 Read by DrPGould
Honestus at the Caucus 12:48 Read by SK
Thalberg and Other Pianists (1871) 11:37 Read by DrPGould
Urbs and Rus 10:22 Read by aniroo
Rip Van Winkle 6:49 Read by BettyB
A Chinese Critic 9:22 Read by SK
Holiday Sauntering 8:42 Read by BettyB
Wendell Phillips at Harvard (1881) 10:56 Read by SK
Easter Bonnets 6:13 Read by April6090
Jenny Lind 13:43 Read by Lynne T
The Town 5:35 Read by April6090
Sarah Shaw Russell 6:47 Read by Diana Schmidt
Street Music 7:59 Read by April6090
A Little Dinner with Thackeray 10:21 Read by John
Cecilia Playing 10:08 Read by John
The Mannerless Sex 8:51 Read by Availle
Robert Browning in Florence 13:16 Read by DrPGould
Players 9:23 Read by SK
Unmusical Boxes 8:05 Read by Kathleen Moore
The Academy Dinner in Arcadia 7:57 Read by BettyB