The Mentor 2

Read by LibriVox Volunteers

The Mentor Association was established to increase interest and knowledge among the public in the areas of art, literature, science, nature, history and travel. The association published a magazine twice monthly, each dealing with a different topic and often written by a recognized authority of the day. They were easy to read, visually appealing and affordable. This collection includes selections from issues dating from 1913-1919. - Summary by Lynne Thompson (20 hr 44 min)


American Pioneer Prose Writers by Hamilton Wright Mabie 38:32 Read by Colleen McMahon
Rembrandt by John C. Van Dyke 48:44 Read by mparker
Bolivia by E.M. Newman 58:31 Read by Kate Follis
Russian Music by Henry T. Finck 1:03:07 Read by tovarisch
The Yosemite Valley by Dwight L. Elmendorf 59:58 Read by Kate Follis
Uncle Sam by Albert Bushnell Hart 1:01:26 Read by realisticspeakers
Photography by Paul L. Anderson 56:30 Read by Kate Follis
Holland by Dwight Elmendorf 41:11 Read by Deborah Balm
Joan of Arc by Ida M. Tarbell 46:50 Read by Kate Follis
The Virgin Islands by E.M. Newman 50:13 Read by Colleen McMahon
Makers of American Art by J. Thomson Willing 41:39 Read by J.K.Humphreys
The Revolution by Albert Bushnell Hart 44:14 Read by Finn Handyside
Among the Ruins of Rome by George Willis Botsford 51:51 Read by tovarisch
Game Animals of America by W.T Hornaday 47:53 Read by Siobhan McAlpin
Angels in Art by John C. Van Dyke 41:43 Read by realisticspeakers
Great American Inventors by H. Addington Bruce 36:10 Read by GentleJim
Guynemer - The Winged Sword of France by Howard W. Cook 47:36 Read by Josh Kibbey
Two Early German Painters by Frank Jewett Mather, Jnr. 37:17 Read by jimsvox4
Italy Under War Conditions by E.M. Newman 53:53 Read by realisticspeakers
Benjamin Franklin by Albert Bushnell Hart 52:09 Read by Colleen McMahon
The Ring of Nibelung by Henry T. Finck 56:12 Read by realisticspeakers
The Wife in Art by Gustav Kobbe 42:08 Read by Kate Follis
Spain and Gibraltar by Dwight L. Elmendorf 51:49 Read by Steve C
Famous English Poets by Hamilton W. Mabie 43:58 Read by Adele Pooley
The Makers of American Fiction by Arthur B. Maurice 37:28 Read by Kate Follis
The Makers of American Fiction part 2 33:11 Read by Kate Follis